Please read our post, “Volunteering in SE Asia” for addition information.

One of our primary missions as a family is service.  We build community. We connect people.  We create win-win solutions.  Since Bubba and A are professional helpers,   it is second nature to be community-minded, even as we travel and see the world.  We are involved in an ongoing effort (as in daily) to connect volunteers (who happen to be travelers, college students, retirees, anyone) with Community Based Organizations (CBO) here in Chiang Mai, Thailand as well as other parts of Southeast Asia.

Every CBO we are connected to are ones that we know personally, and know first hand what their needs are, and their commitment to serving their community.  Because we work as volunteers, we are not compensated by these organizations.  We are not an official non-profit (yet), nor are we a “Volun-Tourism” type of business.  We are about making connections between CBOs and individual volunteers.  We want your hard earned dollars (or other currency!) to be spent on your travel and accommodations, and other useful expenses or donations, not to a business that profits from people who want to give time to volunteer.

So, if you are interested in the notion of putting in some service time while you’re in SE Asia, please fill out the information form on this page, so we can follow-up with you individually via email.

We understand that not everyone is able to up and leave to come to Asia to do volunteer work for months at a time.  Instead, you can help us continue the volunteer work we do, by dropping a tip in our PayPal virtual tip jar.  😉

We are humbly asking for ‘tips,’ since we quit our full time jobs to have the life experience of living abroad, and participating in community service.  Every little bit helps.

Here are examples of how your tips can help us out  ($1USD = appxly 30 Bahts):

  • 15b  One delicious fruit smoothie from Ms. Pa at Chiang Mai Gate.  It’s for M, we promise!
  • 30b   One ‘real’ dish at a street stall or small restaurant (noodle soup, stir fry, etc.)
  • 40b Buys a great cup of coffee at Akha Ama Coffee Shop.
  • 150b   Buys a fabulous meal and drink at Freebird Cafe.
  • 80b   Fill up one tank of fuel for our motorbike.
  • 350b  Pays for our internet for the month
  • 200b    Pays for our water bill each month
  • 900b  Our average light bill
If you want to sponsor any of these items, we’ll definitely give you recognition via a social network “Thank you” shout out!
If you are interested, please take a moment to fill out our survey below, and we’ll get in touch with you via email.

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