We Need to Do Better

The movers are coming today, June 17th, at 8am.  It is 1 am in the morning. Here I sit on the verge of our move from a  home we've lived in since Emma was 2 years young.  She's 7 now and we are taking the biggest leap of our lives, moving to Thailand. We've sold … Continue reading We Need to Do Better


Live to Work, or Work to Live?

Yes, it's a cliché, but it seems like an essential question many people face.  I certainly am facing this issue head on. How much of our body, mind and soul SHOULD we commit to our work?  Are we fulfilled BECAUSE of our work, or for the things that our work AFFORDS us to do? It's … Continue reading Live to Work, or Work to Live?

In Agony, Aching, NOT FREE

Frankly,  I've been thinking about this pain for some time now.  Ever since I read Candice's posts about Wanderlust as a Physical Pain over at Candice Does the World I thought, how nice to know that i am not alone. Still for me, it's physically painful and mentally agonizing  to read amazing stories like Sallie … Continue reading In Agony, Aching, NOT FREE

The Shock Will Wear Off When I Get To The Airport

It has certainly been very trying and emotionally taxing for me since being back to Houston.  I had no idea how much I really detest living here until we came back  in August 2009.   Most of my days have been very dark and unproductive for the past few months (perhaps, that is for another post … Continue reading The Shock Will Wear Off When I Get To The Airport

I SUCK at this *writing* stuff!

That's me as in Aye @BhagNow, NOT Jack as in @JackVentures.  He does just fine when he writes here and on his other blog over at "Not So Deep Thoughts" At least it feels that way for me anyway. Yes, I had to write when I was in the "9-5" world,  but I wrote the … Continue reading I SUCK at this *writing* stuff!

The Empty Lexus

(Update as of March 29, 2010:  We are selling this Lexus Coupe.  SOLD as of May 9, 2010.  Happy Mother's Day to Me!) In 1998 I was visiting my husband, then my fiancé, very often in Los Angeles when he was interning at the VA for a year.    At the time, I had just … Continue reading The Empty Lexus