Birthday Thoughts- 2016 

It's 2016.  My 49th birthday  is tomorrow. The last time I celebrated my birthday and Anniversary in the United States was for my 43rd birthday and our 10th Anniversary, Emma's 7th birthday.  I'm grateful the Six amazing years we've had in Asia since we packed up and left in 2010. This year we celebrate our … Continue reading Birthday Thoughts- 2016 


Our New Home

Technically we don't have a home of our own just yet. We've been staying with family members in North and South of Taiwan and at Bed and Breakfast accommodations on the East Coast. Our 18 days across the East coast in March has been eye-opening and has allowed us to see the possibilities of being … Continue reading Our New Home

Teaching on the run

    I've been teaching on the run (sounds like I'm a fugitive) for several years now, but I still get questions about what I do, so I'll write a bit about teaching online.  I'll save the nuts and bolts about how online classes work for another day, but for now, focus on the benefits and … Continue reading Teaching on the run

Yee Ping 2013: Our 4th Year in Chiang Mai

Yee Ping holds a special place in my heart since the first year we celebrated it here in Chiang Mai. I fondly wrote about it here, four years ago.  Each year, before the festival arrives, I find myself reminiscing and reflecting upon the year before and how lucky we are that we have been living … Continue reading Yee Ping 2013: Our 4th Year in Chiang Mai

Homeschooling in Texas – Part 2

We did very well in Arlington keeping up with the schedule and being creative with our time. Lots of time with the cousins in Arlington and that's always great thing for M.  On some Thursdays, she got to tag along with Ah Ma and Ah Gong to do Tai Chi.  She played with her hoolahoop … Continue reading Homeschooling in Texas – Part 2

Educating Tourists- who’s responsible?

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Family Fun Foto: Nice View of London Daddy

Though we've traveled as a couple before M was born, our first family tradition started in 2004 with taking a family trip to celebrate the combining of birthdays for all three of us and our wedding anniversary in the months of March and April. Since 2004, we made this a tradition and began traveling as … Continue reading Family Fun Foto: Nice View of London Daddy