What In The World Is ‘Kow Ku Kapeet’?

I love food and maybe my series on  All Kinds of Yummy Food may have hinted that a wee bit!    Two years ago when I came to Chiang Mai with my mother, the monks at Wat Si Moon (a Burmese temple) near Chiang Mai gate told us to go eat at a nearby small … Continue reading What In The World Is ‘Kow Ku Kapeet’?


Breakfast in Chiang Mai

I know you're wondering what we are eating here in Chiang Mai after living in Texas for 30+ years (only 7 for Emma though). It's different if we were vacationing in Thailand. We're not. We live here now and we feel it is important to maintain some consistency in our diet and to continue being … Continue reading Breakfast in Chiang Mai

Cha Yen or Thai Tea

Yes,  another favorite of ours.  Have you had one?   Try it! We order Cha Yen every chance we get.  Why because we're  on a mission to find the best Cha Yen.  And yes, I consider myself somewhat of a Cha Yen snob!  It has to be REALLY tasty, milky yet still able to taste … Continue reading Cha Yen or Thai Tea

Why Chiang Mai Is Our Home!

Yes, you will find a very basic and simple list here.  And that's the beauty..... The best things in life are NOT things at all! Access to Burmese restaurants in a matter of minutes AND we can request for a preferred dish.   Yes, that's right, Noodle salad with some  fresh sliced green mangoes?   Yes,  Delish! … Continue reading Why Chiang Mai Is Our Home!

Yummy Grass Jelly or Chao Kuai

Have you ever tried it!?  I like the kind you can find at the Sunday night market in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Once again very simple ingredients make such cool and refreshing dessert while walking along in the market. Grass Jelly is made from a type of mint leaves and stalks.  You can read more about … Continue reading Yummy Grass Jelly or Chao Kuai

Sweet, Sweet, Yummy Rotee or Roti

Here is another item we couldn't stay away from while in Thailand.   M loves this don't you, M!  🙂 Rotee or Roti is basically fried dough with a lot of trimmings/toppings to meet your taste.  The dough gets slapped around on the metal surface and then dropped in a lot of hot oil. Yes, of … Continue reading Sweet, Sweet, Yummy Rotee or Roti

Ruam Mit: Sweet Coconutty Thai Dessert

Have you NOTICED?  I have, noticed that I've been writing about nothing but FOOD  since I've arrived in Thailand.  I  must write this one quickly as I am being eaten alive by tiny mosqueez-- it appears that they love me here in Asia! There's a whole heck of a lot of walking going on in … Continue reading Ruam Mit: Sweet Coconutty Thai Dessert