Father’s Day in Thailand: Sun Pyote for Breakfast

It's been a long time since I wrote here last, over one year! I've been cooking a lot in our new home in Chiang Mai.  We moved to our 4th place in August and you can read more about it here I included pictures. We love our new place, away from the city, but I … Continue reading Father’s Day in Thailand: Sun Pyote for Breakfast


Pizza Bagel Recipe

When we are feeling lazy and out of energy we do simple recipes.  This is one of them and my daughter especially loves this one.  She enjoys helping us make these and devour them afterward!  🙂 Moms, you can have your child participate in the making of the pizza bagels.  How fun is that? Ingredients: … Continue reading Pizza Bagel Recipe

Simple Sautéed Shrimp and Onion Recipe

  I like simple dishes with great flavors. Sometimes having a kid, simple is better and quicker. We cook a lot of vegetarian food at home.  However, while we were at Maung Mai the other day, we decided to get some fresh shrimp.  Nice medium-sized, half-kilo shrimp for only 110 baht or $3.66. Brought the … Continue reading Simple Sautéed Shrimp and Onion Recipe

No Escape Needed

In the last two posts, I wrote about how we've been escaping the heat by going to different cafes here in Chiang Mai.  Lucky for us we've had rain in the recent days and the weather has been quite tolerable. So today, instead of going to a cafe, after a market visit to Maung Mai … Continue reading No Escape Needed

Burmese Daikon Soup with Tamarind

Sorry it's been so long since I've shared any recipes and tips here on this blog.  In the past few months, we've been searching for a new place to live, then we moved, now we are trying to set-up our place to have students for tutoring English and host family visits. You can read more … Continue reading Burmese Daikon Soup with Tamarind

M Begs for Sushi (Entitled by M)

It's been a week since M (my daughter) and I returned to Chiang Mai, Thailand.  I've been saying I wanted to go back to the tiny Sushi restaurant minutes away from our place.  Yesterday was the day.  After taking M to play at one of her favorite places in Chiang Mai, we walked back towards … Continue reading M Begs for Sushi (Entitled by M)

To the Markets in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Visit # 135

I love going to the markets.  I have no idea how many times we've been to the markets and groceries stores. I had to come up with a number for this series.  My calculation is estimated at 15 times a mo. x 9 mo = 135.  I'm actually thinking more than that because we walk … Continue reading To the Markets in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Visit # 135