Family Fun Foto: Mesa Verde National Park (World Heritage Site)

Prior to our move to Thailand in the summer of 2010, we took a road trip from Houston, Texas to Los Angeles, California camping our way through National and State Parks. We had no specific plans really other than that we wanted to arrive in Los Angeles to get on our plane to Thailand.  We … Continue reading Family Fun Foto: Mesa Verde National Park (World Heritage Site)


M’s Akha Ama Coffee Journey

At the end of January, I went to the Akha Village up in the mountain near Chiang Rai.  I think I was the first kid to go  on these kind of journeys to the Akha Village.  We took a yellow truck, then another pick-up truck that took us all the way up the mountain. We … Continue reading M’s Akha Ama Coffee Journey

Our Laos Visa Run: How To Get A Double-Entry Thai Tourist Visa

For those of us living abroad, having to do the "Visa Run" is both challenging yet necessary.  We're not complaining about having to do it, but it sure can be confusing.  So here's our account of our trip to the capital of Laos to apply for new visas at the Thai Consulate in Vientiane.  We … Continue reading Our Laos Visa Run: How To Get A Double-Entry Thai Tourist Visa

Our 2009 Summer Adventure Series

In the Summer of 2009, we took a big leap and went on a 3 month-long holiday as a family.  Originally, we had decided against it for reasons like, "Let's save money," "There's always another summer,"  "Can we go for that long with Emma," "We just took a big birthday trip to Disney World with … Continue reading Our 2009 Summer Adventure Series

Breaking Out The “Monster” New Nikon DSLR D5000

One of our nieces just had a 16th birthday (wow, she's 16 already?  those years slipped by very fast), so we took a quick road trip to Austin.    It was a beautiful day here,  but VERY cold today.  The temperature was in the 40's (but 30's with windchill and that's VERY cold for us here … Continue reading Breaking Out The “Monster” New Nikon DSLR D5000

Our 2009 Summer Sabbatical

For the summer of 2009, we decided to embark on a three component trip: First, a cross country camping venture from Texas to California.  Second, a month and a half journey in Thailand and some surrounding countries.  Third,  trek back to Texas from California. This post is about how our trip began and how it's … Continue reading Our 2009 Summer Sabbatical

Declaring Our Independence

Happy Independence Day, America!! Seems fitting that we're launching our blog on Independence Day (well, technically it's July 5th, dawn local time in Thailand,  but who's counting), as it feels as if we're declaring our independence as a family. We want to become independent from the material and social trappings that make us --and perhaps … Continue reading Declaring Our Independence