Birthday Thoughts- 2016 

It's 2016.  My 49th birthday  is tomorrow. The last time I celebrated my birthday and Anniversary in the United States was for my 43rd birthday and our 10th Anniversary, Emma's 7th birthday.  I'm grateful the Six amazing years we've had in Asia since we packed up and left in 2010. This year we celebrate our … Continue reading Birthday Thoughts- 2016 


Happy Birthday and Anniversary, He said

Wow. Twelve years. Can you believe we've been married for 12 years? Happy anniversary, honey, I think we deserve a prize... Oh, we already got the prize, and she's nine years old. A., today is also your birthday, so Happy Birthday to you!! I am grateful that you are feeling better, when at times you … Continue reading Happy Birthday and Anniversary, He said

Audio Diary: reflection on time with family.

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