The Leap from Thailand to Taiwan

My how time has flown. Our life of four years in Thailand has truly been an incredible adventure and journey. I thought I would be so brokenhearted by leaving Thailand. Essentially, to me, it means moving away from Burma. Chiang Mai and Mae Sot were the closest thing to my Burmese roots. The dream and … Continue reading The Leap from Thailand to Taiwan


Poem by Emma, Age 10

Last year, Emma and her class, grade 5, year 6, learned about Greek Mythology at school.  One of their assignments was to write a descriptive poem after learning about Odysseus.   I really enjoyed reading this and thought it was written well.   What do you think?  

Being Beautiful Inside: There is No Shade to that Beauty

For my lovely Sandha. Remember that "there are NO SHADES" for being beautiful on the inside! Here is the deeply moving and empowering message from Oscar winner Lupita Nyong: "I received a letter from a girl and I’d like to share just a small part of it with you: "Dear Lupita," it reads, "I think … Continue reading Being Beautiful Inside: There is No Shade to that Beauty

Fact of the Day: Where Did the Word Marathon Come From?

Today after Emma came home from school, I asked her, "how was your day? Anything fun,exciting, or interesting happened?" Emma: it was an ordinary day. Me: Was there anything you can think of that you enjoyed in your ordinary day? Emma: Well, there is something I think is interesting that I learned from today. She … Continue reading Fact of the Day: Where Did the Word Marathon Come From?

Blessed for the Rest of My Life

I'm grateful for it. I discovered this British documentary show yesterday before going to bed, and asked Emma to watch it with me. It was about fashion (initial enticement to watch it with me) and I asked her "isn't it great? It's really about your own style isn't it? You make it your own so … Continue reading Blessed for the Rest of My Life

Year 6, Grade 5.

Summer is over. School starts today!  Ahhh thank goodness. She has little people her own size (sort of) to play with again. Emma got her bag ready last night. Tried rolling her hair with rollers to prepare for her big day at school, but her hair was a bit too short.  She set an alarm … Continue reading Year 6, Grade 5.


One click after another, I discovered these videos on Facebook and Youtube. Needless to say,  I've been listening to each all evening. It's so great I cannot keep it to myself. Since I'm a sharing kind of person, I'm sharing this with whoever wants to watch it. More importantly, I want to come back to … Continue reading IMAGINE