Reason #@&$*!?€¢£¥ to be Grateful: What’s Happening in KL

I admit, my life is filled w gratitude stories from many corners. I realized I should share and write about them more. More often than not, the world is a friendly place. And I work damn hard at guiding my own child with that in mind. It's a balance. There have been times where I've … Continue reading Reason #@&$*!?€¢£¥ to be Grateful: What’s Happening in KL


Teaching on the run

    I've been teaching on the run (sounds like I'm a fugitive) for several years now, but I still get questions about what I do, so I'll write a bit about teaching online.  I'll save the nuts and bolts about how online classes work for another day, but for now, focus on the benefits and … Continue reading Teaching on the run