Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas

We left on our Summer 2009 Adventure on May 23, 2009 from Houston, Texas.  Our first stop was in Arlington, Texas to visit family before our near 3 month-long  holiday. Amarillo was part of our First Leg.  We went from Houston to Los Angeles, camping our way through National Parks as a family in our … Continue reading Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas


Our 2009 Summer Adventure Series

In the Summer of 2009, we took a big leap and went on a 3 month-long holiday as a family.  Originally, we had decided against it for reasons like, "Let's save money," "There's always another summer,"  "Can we go for that long with Emma," "We just took a big birthday trip to Disney World with … Continue reading Our 2009 Summer Adventure Series

Declaring Our Independence

Happy Independence Day, America!! Seems fitting that we're launching our blog on Independence Day (well, technically it's July 5th, dawn local time in Thailand,  but who's counting), as it feels as if we're declaring our independence as a family. We want to become independent from the material and social trappings that make us --and perhaps … Continue reading Declaring Our Independence