Welcome to our old – ahem – new blog…

Note: I can't assume to speak for Aye, so I will try to break the 'we' habit and only focus on "I" in this post... I don't think anyone really noticed, or cared, that our gotpassport(dot)org blog went offline recently. We (as a team) decided, after many discussions, to let go of the URL, and … Continue reading Welcome to our old – ahem – new blog…


Birthday Thoughts- 2016 

It's 2016.  My 49th birthday  is tomorrow. The last time I celebrated my birthday and Anniversary in the United States was for my 43rd birthday and our 10th Anniversary, Emma's 7th birthday.  I'm grateful the Six amazing years we've had in Asia since we packed up and left in 2010. This year we celebrate our … Continue reading Birthday Thoughts- 2016 

Reflection: Working as a Social Worker at a Cancer Hospital

I was proud of my work at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston straight out of graduate school in 1997. For the first three years of my life there, my assignment was working with bone marrow transplant in-patients and the patients in isolation rooms. Then, I moved to Melanoma and Sarcoma services. There was so … Continue reading Reflection: Working as a Social Worker at a Cancer Hospital

A Miracle. A Place We Can Call Home.

Wow. Can you believe it? It's been over three months, damn, almost four, since we arrived to Taiwan. It was all about festive celebrations when we first arrived due to Lunar New Year. That was way back in February. Lots happened since. I'll spare additional details but I wrote a bit about it here, here … Continue reading A Miracle. A Place We Can Call Home.

Our New Home

Technically we don't have a home of our own just yet. We've been staying with family members in North and South of Taiwan and at Bed and Breakfast accommodations on the East Coast. Our 18 days across the East coast in March has been eye-opening and has allowed us to see the possibilities of being … Continue reading Our New Home

A New Year. A New Adventure.

  Surreal.    We're in Taiwan.  Seems like we just left yesterday.  No we left in September 2014 and here we are , back to stay, much longer this  time. Pinch me now! It's only been a week since our arrival to Taiwan, a familiar place for all of us. Still, it is a new … Continue reading A New Year. A New Adventure.

The Leap from Thailand to Taiwan

My how time has flown. Our life of four years in Thailand has truly been an incredible adventure and journey. I thought I would be so brokenhearted by leaving Thailand. Essentially, to me, it means moving away from Burma. Chiang Mai and Mae Sot were the closest thing to my Burmese roots. The dream and … Continue reading The Leap from Thailand to Taiwan