Family Mission

Our site is about preserving memories for our daughter, **** Emma ****, sharing stories about our life journey, including travel, expat life abroad, discovering and learning about new cultures, seeking out educational and service opportunities for ourselves, and others who are interested in serving a meaningful cause.


What We Do!


We do ServiceWe build community. We connect people.  We create win-win solutions.  We do so partly through our blog, TEAM Chiang Mai Facebook Page, and other social media tools, as well as assisting individuals and organizations face to face where possible.  It’s second nature for us to be community-minded, even as we travel and live abroad.  We are involved in an ongoing effort, as in daily,  to connect volunteers (who happen to be travelers, college students, retirees, anyone) with Community Based Organizations (CBO).

  • We provide wellness/life coaching, for individuals, couples, and families.
  • We provide guidance for distance learning and service learning programs
  • We provide field supervision and instruction for BSW/MSW intern students
  • We raise funds for CBOs
  • We raise awareness and provide advocacy
  • We provide non-profit management consulting
  • We provide non-profit social media consulting
  • We provide English and Burmese language lessons as well as cross cultural awareness consulting

Who are the CBOs?


Many CBOs we are connected to are ones that we know personally, and know first-hand what their needs are, and their commitment to serving their community.   Our CBO connections are located inside Thailand and Burma and provide a variety of services to various under-served populations.



Please visit our Volunteer Jobs list to see the organizations.   Please do not leave a comment on this page with your request or interest to volunteer. Please go to the Volunteer Jobs page and contact the organizations directly.


People might assume that since we’re able to travel and live abroad, that we’re independently wealthy.  Our ‘personal wealth’ is based only partly on financial security, but mostly on our lifestyle and actions.  Here’s an account of our living expenses in 2010.

Aye willingly left her secured career as a Director at a non-profit a few years ago to focus on our move to Thailand.  She was overseeing multiple programs  at a local non-profit organization with multiple staff, volunteers, students, internal and external  projects, funding sources and budget of  close to 2 million dollars at the time of  her departure.

If you are interested in Conversational Burmese or  Cross Cultural Awareness Consulting on-line please contact Aye.

If you are interested in hiring a field instructor for BSW or MSW supervised internship in Chiang Mai, Thailand with Aye, MSW level Social Worker, please contact her for more information.

If you are interested in a Burmese Cooking Lessons or an NGO tour, contact us before your arrival and we can make arrangements.

Jack teaches Psychology courses as an online adjunct professor for a community college in Washington State.  He was a full time faculty for 10 yrs at a community college outside Houston, Tx.  In addition to teaching, Jack also worked as a freelance consultant and content contributor to textbook publishers.  

Jack also provides  Wellness & Life Coaching (both in person and online), Thesis-Dissertation and ABD guidance.


So how do we live the way we do without working full-time?  We make the most of what we do earn and what we saved when we were both working full-time earning double-incomes. We are frugal.  We are careful about how we consume and where our money is spent.  We don’t spend mindlessly.  We don’t purchase  something because of an emotional void or an internal need to make us feel better or to ‘keep up with the Joneses.’  

To follow our journey you can subscribe to our blog posts here.

To visit our blog please click here.


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11 thoughts on “

    1. Hi Jill,
      I would recommend searching for reputable online coaching certification programs, which can give you an idea of what credentials or training is required to be a life coach. Being a life coach while ‘abroad’ so to speak, can be done, and requires word of mouth advertising, as well as a strong online, social media presence. Good luck!

  1. Hey Jack. . .great to hear from you–
    Wonderful!–we will be honored to share the ‘best coffee in Chiang Mai’ with you when we visit in December. We are excited to see what’s what in CM, and it will be great to see and hear how M, A, and you are doing there.
    I notice in my initial message to you that my ‘business’ website is not listed. It is . .check it out some time, and we can share coaching stories, if you like, when we meet. Also, my travel blog is worth a visit to get a sense of where we have been–
    Chieh is a fashion designer so there is always a lot to chat about regarding design and manufacture of garments.
    Anyway, that’s all for now. See you in December. Thank you!
    All the best–
    David and Chieh

  2. Hello Aye and Jay–
    My girlfriend, Chieh, and I saw your episode on International House Hunters yesterday and absolutely loved it. Seeing the episode was especially auspicious for us as we are contemplating a move to Chiang Mai. We are visiting CM this December, 2013. We are staying in Tamarind Village in the Old Quarter of town, and we hope to visit the offices of Chiang Mai House, your realtor, to view some rental properties. Plus, if you guys are up for it, we would love to buy you lunch while we are there. . .I am a corporate public speaking coach (my website is listed above)–we may be able to share stories regarding consulting, cross-cultural communication, etc. as I have taught and coached all over the world. Also, I have a world travel blog as well. . .you can find it at Please check it out if you get a chance. . .would love to hear your comments. By the way, we love your blog and your attitude toward the world and existence. Bravo. . .keep up the good work. Look forward to possibly hearing from you, and we hope we get to see you in December if you are in town. We send you positive vibes from our home here in New York City! All the best–David and Chieh. A big ‘hello’ to M, too:-)

    1. Hi Chieh & David,
      Sorry for the late reply, some comments slip through the cracks. 😉 please do look us up when you’re in town, we’ll take you to have the best coffee in Chiang Mai. 🙂

      1. Hello Jack. . .Chieh and I will arrive in Chiang Mai on Sunday, December 22. Let’s choose a date and place for coffee, if you like. How about Tuesday, December 24 or Thursday, December 26? Feel free to select an ideal date and tell us the name of the coffee place, and we will meet you there. We are staying at Tamarind Village in Old Town, so we are centrally located during our stay. Look forward to hearing from you. David and Chieh.

  3. Hiya, my name is Stuart. I am currently studying a degree in Environmental Conservation. I am looking for a volunteer placement for the summer of 2013? I am interested in river ecosystems and Salmon/sea trout, but any hands on work would be great. Cant wait to hear back, thank you

  4. Hello,
    I have really enjoyed reading your blogs. Thanks alot. It provides a nice insight into living in Chiang Mai. We are coming to Thailand in December/January for an International School job fair and we have our sights set on a couple of schools just outside CM as well as Bangkok and Pattaya. We will be spending at least a week in CM. Can you suggest a nice, yet mildy affordable place to stay for the week? Will it be possible to find a cheap place that is near the action in CM? Thanks.

    1. Hello Ben. Thanks for reading our blog and leaving us a comment. Please take a look at our post on “where to stay in Chiang Mai.” I think it will be a good guide for you.

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