Birthday Thoughts- 2016 

It's 2016.  My 49th birthday  is tomorrow. The last time I celebrated my birthday and Anniversary in the United States was for my 43rd birthday and our 10th Anniversary, Emma's 7th birthday.  I'm grateful the Six amazing years we've had in Asia since we packed up and left in 2010. This year we celebrate our … Continue reading Birthday Thoughts- 2016 


Flavored Water with Your Favorite Fruits

My daughter loves milk. She loves homemade juice and not-so-homemade- juices too!  She normally drinks a lot of water at school but not so much at home.  Often, I have to remind her to drink more water.    Most Mums might agree that we have to remind our kids to drink more water. In effort to … Continue reading Flavored Water with Your Favorite Fruits

Pecan Pie in a Jar?

Never had one of these, but I read the ingredients and put the jar back on the shelf.  It was interesting enough for me to photograph it though.  I mean, it's oozing with artery-clogging-sugary-glob.  And hello, I should not be surprised to find this in Texas. Have you ever had it? Do tell!  

Cafe Escape: Buak Haad Park

As I have written in my other cafe hunting post, I like trying out different cafes with air conditioning to escape the Chiang Mai heat and to share it with my readership of 5!  Ha ha, okay 6! . Happy to report we found another nice one.  There are so many cafes here in Chiang … Continue reading Cafe Escape: Buak Haad Park

Cafe Escapes: The Hunt

We've been hunting for new cafes with air-con in the past couple of weeks.   Frankly, it's an absolute fun activity for me to visit and try out many different cafes.  It's an adventure exploring and discovering new cafes each day. I much prefer not to go back to the same cafe over and over unless … Continue reading Cafe Escapes: The Hunt

Cafe Escape Number Four: The Ice Cream Festival

Although we've had rain here in Chiang Mai, the humidity still makes the city seems like an outdoor, oh-naturrel-sauna. Today was no exception.  It was humid. After we picked up M, my daughter, from school we decided to surprise her and took her to the mall close to our house.  We took her to Airport … Continue reading Cafe Escape Number Four: The Ice Cream Festival

Cafe Escape Number Three: The Crepe Cake

This particular cafe, we go to often not just because they have air con, but because I love their crepe cakes. So one day last week when we were trying to figure out where to go, we decided to take refuge at Cafe de Thaan Aoan.  The cafe also has wifi and that was a … Continue reading Cafe Escape Number Three: The Crepe Cake