Father’s Day in Thailand: Sun Pyote for Breakfast

It's been a long time since I wrote here last, over one year! I've been cooking a lot in our new home in Chiang Mai.  We moved to our 4th place in August and you can read more about it here I included pictures. We love our new place, away from the city, but I … Continue reading Father’s Day in Thailand: Sun Pyote for Breakfast


Flavored Water with Your Favorite Fruits

My daughter loves milk. She loves homemade juice and not-so-homemade- juices too!  She normally drinks a lot of water at school but not so much at home.  Often, I have to remind her to drink more water.    Most Mums might agree that we have to remind our kids to drink more water. In effort to … Continue reading Flavored Water with Your Favorite Fruits

Garlic Ginger Rosemary Salmon

I love garlic.  I eat it raw. I add it in my food to most, if not all of my cooking.  I eat it pickled.  I eat it all the time. When we used to live in Texas, before moving to Thailand, I cooked fish more often. After moving to Thailand and no real kitchen … Continue reading Garlic Ginger Rosemary Salmon

Black Bean Salad

I refer to this as black bean salad but it really has a lot of great healthy ingredients in addition to black beans.  You don't have to use all these ingredients.  You can use what you have.  Just like my fried rice recipe, you can make a salad with many items you already have in … Continue reading Black Bean Salad

Samosa Salad

This is probably one of the simplest, easiest salad you will learn to make.  I will show you how. I love samosas don't you? You can devour them very quickly. They are so delicious. I usually pick up my samosas from the Friday morning market here in Chiang Mai.  I can find them any time … Continue reading Samosa Salad

Cellophane Noodles and Bamboo Strips Recipe

We frequent several vegetarian restaurants here in Chaing Mai.  Chiang Mai is a vegetarian's heaven since there are so many cafes and restaurants from which to choose. Often when I go to the Taiwanese vegetarian restaurant near Chiang Mai gate, I order this dish (when they have it).  Since I like it so much, I … Continue reading Cellophane Noodles and Bamboo Strips Recipe

Pizza Bagel Recipe

When we are feeling lazy and out of energy we do simple recipes.  This is one of them and my daughter especially loves this one.  She enjoys helping us make these and devour them afterward!  🙂 Moms, you can have your child participate in the making of the pizza bagels.  How fun is that? Ingredients: … Continue reading Pizza Bagel Recipe