The Leap from Thailand to Taiwan

My how time has flown. Our life of four years in Thailand has truly been an incredible adventure and journey. I thought I would be so brokenhearted by leaving Thailand. Essentially, to me, it means moving away from Burma. Chiang Mai and Mae Sot were the closest thing to my Burmese roots. The dream and … Continue reading The Leap from Thailand to Taiwan


We have retired!

Yes, folks, we just realized that we are a retired couple, but not retired in the conventional sense. Our retirement is not related to winning the lottery, cashing in on Chipotle stock (missed that one!), nor is it related to us finally reaching our "elderish" (Emma's word) age. We have retired from THAT race. You … Continue reading We have retired!

In search of balance for 2015 and beyond

  It's another new year, which brings time for reflection of the previous year that passed.  However, this time I'm getting the feeling like I'm in the film "Groundhog Day," where I would go through the motions of declaring hopeful changes to be made in my life, but I wonder if any of them will … Continue reading In search of balance for 2015 and beyond

Being Beautiful Inside: There is No Shade to that Beauty

For my lovely Sandha. Remember that "there are NO SHADES" for being beautiful on the inside! Here is the deeply moving and empowering message from Oscar winner Lupita Nyong: "I received a letter from a girl and I’d like to share just a small part of it with you: "Dear Lupita," it reads, "I think … Continue reading Being Beautiful Inside: There is No Shade to that Beauty

Expat Family Life: Making New Connections

The idea:  Pick up, move off to a beautiful, foreign land, where the cost of living is cheap, weather is mild, and people are friendly.  A chance to explore parts of the world you've only read about. Give time and effort to causes close to our heart!  Awesome, right?  Well... not entirely. Our posts have … Continue reading Expat Family Life: Making New Connections

Growing Older

This year we will be short of only three tender years from our 50th! But with age comes wisdom and ever-growing attitude of gratitude! Recently, we lost a family member to cancer. At a very young age, he lost the fight to live, to grow old with his wife, to have children, to...!!   A couple … Continue reading Growing Older

The Day After Taiwan

Today is the first day being back in Chiang Mai after being away in Taiwan since 20 December 2013. Here are the photos I posted on Facebook. Still posting more slowly!  🙂 It's Monday and Emma went off to school excited about giving her 25 friends sticker cards she personally selected for them while in … Continue reading The Day After Taiwan