Welcome to our humble family blog!  We are the Got Passport Family: “A”, “M”, and “J or Bubba.”

Read our Declaration of IndependenceWhy We Blog and How We Got Itchy Feet to Travel and See the World

What’s your “B.H.A.G?”  (BIG/BOLD Hairy Audacious Goal)

We Say NO to the Status Quo.

Live Small.  Live Green.  Give Large.  Take Little.

Take Notice.  Take Action.

We are a family of three, with a passion for travel, seeking out new experiences, meeting new people, and living simply.  We are striving to relocate, yes, you read correctly, as in MOVE, to Thailand Uhumm – as of July 2010, we did move.  We did it!   we sold just about everything we own in a city we’ve lived for 30 yrs and relocated to Chiang Mai, Thailand with our now 7yo daughter.  We now split our time between the US and Thailand- exploring both countries and Southeast Asia every chance we can!

We want to experience Asia sloooooowly!    And when we are done with Asia– well, how about we  just wait and see which continent the wind will take us to next! (Why Asia you ask?  Click here to find out!)

When we return to the U S, every so often and whenever we fancy, our goal is to live in an RV much like our inspiring friends @Technomadia hopefully,  somewhere along the Pacific North West!

We share our stories to:

1) document travel memories for our daughter,

2) showcase that SERVICE to others and travel could be combined,

3) travel in and of itself is an educational experience for our child,

4) live with only the *necessities* without the need to overindulge in material possessions, and

5)  inspire other families to get out of their comfort zone and explore (even if it means in your own backyard!). It can be done without breaking the bank!

@GotPassportas we’re known on Twitter is composed of three major characters.  We are team of a Psychologist, a Social Worker and a girly precocious package!

“The greatest service you can ever do is to teach your Children how to make Good Decisions.”  ~Mike Wesely

Disneyworld Springbreak 2009
DisneyWorld Spring Break 2009

Starring:   “M” –  A child with an enormous personality for such a small “package.”  You may hear us refer to her affectionately as “our package.”  She’s been attending a Montessori School in Texas 90% of her childhood and we think she’s a genius…:-)

As of May 2009, she’s into Tae Kwan Do, composing songs and chatting endlessly!

As of March 2010 she’s enjoying mad science, directing plays and still chatting endlessly!

As of May 2010 she enjoys singing, dancing to her own tunes she composes and hungry most of the time. Discovered YouTube!  Eeek!

As of August 2010 she started attending an International school in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Her new best friend is a Korean girl named Elizabeth, also our neighbor, two doors down on our floor.

As of September 2010, she started earning bahts from chores like keeping her room cleaned.

As of October 2010, she’s become sneaky and has borrowed money, sold her snacks for money and has landed in detention for repeated offense in November.

As of December 2010, she and her Korean neighbor friend are making holiday cards to sell them at 10b each.  We asked for what cause they are raising these funds and M quickly answered “for ourselves!”  Sigh!

“The most beautiful make-up of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”  ~Yves Saint Laurent

Horseshoe Bend, Page Arizona Summer 2009
Horseshoe Bend, Page Arizona Summer 2009

Co-Starring:A”  – She’s a Burmese American self-employed Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) by profession, but loves to dabble in anything that interests her.  For example, she is a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Burmese Language Interpreter and Certified Zumba Gold Instructor.  She loves being the behind the scene person.  She makes time to give back to the community as a volunteer working with the Refugees, the Mexican women and children on Mexico Medical Missions and numerous  countless other efforts over the years as in like the past two decades.  (Yup, that’s a lot of hours and honestly, we have lost count!)  Her first love is TRAVEL!  She’s the main driving force behind our excursions around the globe.   A also loves to cook and eat, especially anything sour & spicy.   The hubby has learned to never ask her (or her mom) whether a dish they’re having is spicy, as when they say “No,” his mouth is already on fire.

“Life would be dull without garlic, lime and chili peppers”  direct quote by A!

Guess what?  As of  April 2011, we give you  Chili ~ Lime ~ Garlic  — The Blog! 

 Burmese Buddhist Temple, Chiang Mai, Thailand Summer 2009
Burmese Buddhist Temple, Chiang Mai, Thailand Summer 2009

The other Co-star, The Professor: “J or Bubba”He’s the muscle to A’s brains.  Not really – regarding the muscles, not A’s brain.  He’s a Psychology professor who is passionate about teaching, and inspiring students to live to serve the greater good.  He is working on combining his online teaching (Distance Learning, or “DL”) with Service Learning, “SL.”  He is in many ways a typical guy – loves cars, electronic gadgets, and sports.  His jump shot was legendary (insert joke here) back during his intramural sports years at the University of Texas.  Look for pictures of him practicing Tai Chi as we travel!

We hope to not only share those viewpoints and experiences with y’all (see, we’re Texan after all), but to have conversations with folks who desire to break free from the trappings of everyday life.

His “passion on the side” is tech.  Typical… but for a different take on tech, check out CallingBubba.com, and his attempts at witty-isms on Bubbaisms.com.  Yeah, can’t believe that URL was available either.

Please comment and share with us your B.H.A.G.!!


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller



51 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. I’m glad I found all y’all. I’m an Asian American living in CM too and have been blogging about my experiences as such.

    I’m looking forward to crawling through your site and comparing notes from living in Chiang Mai. I can already tell after reading your about page that you all are an inspiration.

    1. Lani
      Thanks for finding us! We’re here for the long haul, so feel free to look us up and we can share a meal together. Did you know we created a “Team Chiang Mai” facebook page? It’s quite active, so find it and you’ll find us as admins. We also have a FB page “Gotpassport” as well. Look forward to meeting you soon! Plus, thanks for your kind comments on the post about my mother.

  2. hey guys, stumbled upon your Facebook page via legal nomads. I am a solo female traveler & also sold all, well most, of my stuff to follow my dream of long term travel. I just arrived in bangkok & will arrive in Chiang Mai on sunday Jan 9th, 2011. I love food & would love to meet up to share a meal or get some travel tips. -suzanne

  3. I just stumbled upon your site via Twitter and have loved reading your story and mission. I’m in my mid-20s, currently traveling in Central America, in an attempt to also escape the 9 to 5 and live simply. It’s always inspiring to come across other like-minded people, but even more so, to see how a family has done it. If y’all have found a way to live your dream while also having a child, then certainly I can find way 🙂 Best of luck to you as you make the world your home!

    1. Shannon,
      Thanks for the kind comment! No, it’s not easy, but we’re loving that we’re taking control of our family’s destiny, and making every day count! You’re starting at such a young age (we’re twice your age, ha!), so kudos to you for doing what you love.

  4. Hey!
    Found this nice description in a biography of Mother Teresa “Beyond the Image” by Anne Sebba.
    I’m not sure if these directly applies to your work in Thailand. Just thought it was an improved description of missionary work over the traditional views of “proselytizing and civilizing heathens.” And this newer missionary attitude is what brought Agnes Bojaxhiu from Skopje (The Balkans) into India.

    Page 28 – By studying other religions and seeing how they have enriched their communities, many modern theologians conclude that there is not only one route to God and that perhaps the limit of missionary activity should be to set an example by doing good, practical work. The key word seems to be inculturation, or learning, by dialogue with other religious traditions, how to live alongside other cultures without either losing or imposing one’s own.
    Page 29 – “Mission today is enabling others to find God, or the divine element, and facilitating others in the discovery of their own truth. Missionaries have made a commitment and take 3 vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. ‘But the meaning of obedience has changed and no longer means just doing what you are told, but taking responsibility for listening to what do we need in this area. A missionary today will be taught how to get in touch with the culture and myth of the religion he is working among…to search for the divine spark within themselves and others and perhaps even find this through such a simple experience as a child being awestruck by flowers. They are trained to help people find the transcendant as translated by their own culture.”

    May you enjoy and learn much from your travels and service!

    1. Hey Elaine,
      Thanks for coming to our site!! Nice to hear from you! We have been involved with Medical mission groups (you know the one!), and even though we don’t share the same religion as the group, it was of the ‘set a good example by doing good’ rather than to proselytize the locals. The group was very diverse, with students and professionals from a variety of faiths. I do, however, take issue with this portion: “A missionary today will be taught how to get in touch with the culture and myth of the religion he is working among…” That’s a very ethnocentric (faith-centric?) point of view, that other faiths are “myths” and not the genuine faith. I suppose it’s difficult for a person of faith to believe that other faiths can be legitimate… in Psychology that’s called Cognitive dissonance ~ how can I believe my faith is real if I believe other faiths are real? So to reduce dissonance, I must believe that other faiths are false, or myths, in order the reconcile that my faith is the ONE.

  5. What luck to find this blog. My daughter is also in a Montessori school currently and I also think she is a genius and I also want to make a life helping others, seeing the world and helping my daughter understand the world! I have a BA in psychology and am getting my MSW right now. In may I plan to go to Mae Hong Son for a while to volunteer. That’s a lot of commonalities between us! I can’t wait to dig through your blog but after reading this first page I just had to post something. Hope life is treating y’all well (I was born in Texas).

    1. Kelly, so glad to see you here. I’m way behind on responding to this obviously. Good luck with your MSW. I’d love to meet you if and when you come to Thailand and when you pass through Chiang Mai. We’re here indefinitely :-). Life is good, we like it here.

      Thanks so much for stopping by our little blog.

  6. I think your dream took more energy – but I can certainly relate to living a dream. Nice to be able to check in on you all and know all is soooooo good for you!

  7. Thanks for sharing your site at expat+HAREM’s Facebook page! This about page alone is tons of fun, and I’d live in that Burmese temple if I could. Ideas for painting the house….hmmm. Your family’s mission is inspiring.

  8. I love your BHAG! I can’t wait to meet up again in Thailand! Keep blogging and telling us about your awesome adventures–we always need new lenses to see our world.

  9. Greetings,
    Bhutan is definitely on our To Do list! We may be visiting there before you know it!
    Thanks for finding us.

  10. It is gr8 to run into your blog. Like the fact that you are influencing folks to get out of their comfort zone.Happy Travels and look forward to reading your updates. Pl. take care and let us stay in touch. Lemme know if your travels bring u to my area. Cheers~

  11. Glad I stumbled on this blog. I particularly like the ideas that “service to others and travel could be combined.” This is something that I hope to realize more fully in 2010. I look forward to hearing/reading about your ongoing journey!

    1. Hello Veron,

      Welcome to our blog. Thanks for visiting. Glad to know you are also reaching for a combination of travel and service, although service could be given no matter where you are, even without the travels.

      Here’s hoping we inspire others to take action and pay it forward!

  12. I love reading your stuff mostly because you have such a sense of service to the world and your goals are not just about making your own lives more fun. I’m proud to be a fellow Texan!

    1. Thanks Carmen for your support. Yes, being of service seems to be our thing and follows us everywhere. 🙂

      I really hope to meet you and your family one of these days!

  13. Sounds like some amazing adventures with many lined up in the near future. Your daughter must be learning so much about this wonderful world we live in at such an early age. I look forward to the upcoming stories.

    1. Hi Casey,

      yes, we are very excited about our future for our daughter (the three of us!. Thanks for coming by and giving us a shout.

  14. From one Texan/UT graduate to another, good job ya’ll! follow your dreams and passions, and dare to make a difference. I, too, am a teacher, not a job for me, but a calling. Your daughter is so lucky to have parents with a Global perspective. Good luck on all your adventures. God bless, LisaB.

    1. Hey, it’s our friend Richard from BKK! Thanks so much for the visit and for your continued support! We’ll come find you in BKK in 2010! 🙂

  15. happy to have found you, and I will be following with glee, hopefully in your footsteps as well, I have 2 small daughters and your are an inspiration.


    1. Robert, Really great to see you here on our blog. Thanks for visiting and for leaving a comment. Looking forward to connecting with you.

  16. Great stuff
    You are one of my favs on twitter it’s always great to learn more about your twitter connections
    Love your tweets and reading about your adventures
    BTW I am @MarcusAdkins

    1. Thanks for your kind comments, Mark! Great to see you here on our blog. We look forward to your future visits.

    1. @Linda Great to see you here on our blog, Linda. Thanks you so much for leaving a comment. I look forward to a continued connection with you on Twitter.


  17. I love the picture of your daughter at Disney World. And based on the date, it looks like we were there at the same time! Talk about a “small world!”

    1. @Sarah Hello there! Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving a comment for us. We’ve taken Em to Disneyland a couple of times and promised her we’d take her to Disney World for her 5th birthday. We all had a blast!! It felt like the whole world was there during Spring Break. So, yes, very small world. 🙂

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