Reason #@&$*!?€¢£¥ to be Grateful: What’s Happening in KL

I admit, my life is filled w gratitude stories from many corners. I realized I should share and write about them more. More often than not, the world is a friendly place. And I work damn hard at guiding my own child with that in mind. It’s a balance. There have been times where I’ve learned and read about horrible, horrific stories though somehow I manage my fear and horror that such event and humans exist, but doing my best, sometimes not so graciously, to protect my family. In the end, people are inherently good, decent and I move about my traveling days with this belief that there are more people willing to reach out and be kind, lend a helping hand the way I would to other travelers, strangers. Thru one kind act at a time from one human to another the world keeps going around despite all the horrors, the sufferings we read and hear about daily.

We’ve been in KL for over a week now. We’re staying at a friend’s condo until in a few more days we’ll go to a different condo to watch over a kitty named ‘Emmett’. Its house- sitting while, well, watching over Emmett the cat! He’s a cutie pie and he’s had our company before in December 2016.

We’ve been in KL countless times. Penang was my first love but because of friends we’ve met and one of the largest rock climbing gyms in Asia, KL has become another comfortable place for us to stop over, often.

Today I’m grateful to the family that invited us to stay at their condo in KL because they moved to Singapore and already has another place they are renting. So lucky us. We are staying in their spacious 2-bedroom condo for approximately 11days.

I didn’t have any expectations and I certainly did not expect this family to offer us their place. They happen to have their place until the end of the month and since the apartment would be empty anyway, they invited us to stay.

Here’s Jack and Emma working at the dining table getting their work done respectively. I’m just so thankful we have this space and time to get refocused. It’s just invaluable, really!

Jack still teaches on-line classes for three different colleges. And he does a fine job with all his classes. He does it so calmly too. Amazing!

Emma is currently working on her Marine Zoology class that began in September. This is the 3rd class she has enrolled in Marine Science, with the same teacher. She has also been learning to read, write and speak Korean. On her own, one day I heard her learning it.

She’s also taking a Math class, and Human Anatomy and Physiology which are on going. She’s reading three books right now, records all her books read on GoodReads with a review for each.

Now that we have more space, she is learning dance steps to her favorite kpop music every night for about 30minutes – an hour, via YouTube. Theres a BTS craze right now.

She also chats w her friends and cousins through Snapchat and Hangouts. She’ll start a writing class fairly soon. She will also begin a Paleontology: Ancient Marine Raptiles class on-line, today. She found this class on her own as well. Of course I share wth her websites through which she can find classes. And I also suggest classes she ought to take.

She climbs at the rock climbing gym with the help of Jack belaying her. She swims at the pool here in the condo building. She walks everywhere with us,. We took her to the aquarium in KL. It’s mostly profit driven, but Emma’s enthusiasm to observe and touch these beings and the enthusiasm for learning are what we want and choose to support. She also went to an indoor amusement park where she stayed with her friend, Amelia, for six thrilling hours.

Oh and we’ve also been eating tons of delicious Malaysian, Indian and Nyonya food here in KL. We shop together for groceries. We still read the ingredients on packaging. We look for promotions and only use our own bags while shopping.

Utilizing what’s available in the kitchen I’ve made some eggplant dip, Tom Yum noodles soups, oatmeal to save time and money from having to eat out. But uhhhhh…so easybtobeat delicious food when it’s close by for cheaps.

Emma usually helps direct us when we go from one location to another. We decide where we’ll go, then she figures out a way to get us all there. We hang out at bookstores and coffee shops too.

Oh and we also traveled through the Philippines for three weeks in September. So more stories on that later.

Like most families we have our moments . I of course want action plans to turn into real actions. Not just an item hanging out on paper after we have our meetings. 😱 So sometimes we get into heated “discussions”.

Still yes. I can safely say we are fortunate to be able to maintain this lifestyle. And proud of my family for we have accomplished so much together already in October. Life is never dull here!

We Say YES to Attitude of Gratitude.

We Say NO to the Status Quo.

Live Small. Live Green.

Give Large. Take Little.

Take Notice. Take Action.