Days of Our Lives While Traveling

Here’s an example of what it’s like to travel in our shoes!

Note: The following details are similar whether we are in Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos or the Philippines or anywhere else in the world. We’ve traveled in similar fashion utilizing various transport modes including #11 bus, that’s walking, all over Asia since 2010.

So I’ll share the latest adventure in the Philippines, from Bantayan, Cebu Island to El Nido, Palawan Island.

We had a nice few days exploring in Batayan Island. Our host was simply awesome, so I’ll write about him another time.😁

Travel day: we woke up early, 5:15 am, to catch a ferry to Cebu island from Bantayan island. We packed the night before, Emma usually sleeps in the clothes she’ll travel in the next day! Hee hee, I taught her that! 6:00am ferry was cancelled so we waited to board the 7:00am one. After approximately 45 minutes, we arrived to the port, from which we took a bus into Cebu city. After about 4 hours of bus ride, we arrived to the bus station in Cebu. From there we took a Grab taxi to our guest house.

We spent one night in Cebu, explored our local shopping center and ate some local Filippino food. That evening we had to rush back to the hotel so Emma could watch the video of her favorite K-Pop group perform live.

Update: the teen in the family is now head over heals for BTS k-pop group.

While in the mall anytime we see anything BTS related -um- it was simply earth shattering! Lots of BTS related, K-pop related craze on this trip. 😜

With decent wifi Emma watches the BTS performance. It wasn’t all smooth because, we were in the Philippines and we were not able to access the site so she consulted with Jack to get tech savvy and figured out a way to watch the show. It was for several hours. 😉 And she was in her happy place because Jack found a guest house w a bunk bed.

Next morning, we take another Grab taxi to the airport for our flight to Palawan Island. Arrived to Palawan, then an airport shuttle to another hotel. Get settled in then walked over to book a van to EL Nido, north of Palawan. We asked the nice lady for where to eat local food and that’s where we had dinner.

Now i cannot remember the name of that restaurant. Grrrr. We had Laing which was similar to palak paneer consistency, a buttery like gravy made with sweet potato leaves that went very well with rice. Take my word for it. No photo because the taste of the dish was much more appetising. We also ordered a mixed seafood sizzling dish. Sizzling dishes are very popular on the islands. With a ton of garlic rice, what a great meal it was!

In almost every place we go, especially in a new country, I always try to order something new to try. I usually encourage Emma to order and try something new also. I do it myself also to be a role model for her. However, once this girl likes something, she orders the same thing repeatedly like there’s no tomorrow.

Back to travel days! So after shopping for local snacks to eat on the ride to El Nido, we returned to the hotel. Our van was scheduled to arrive at 7:30am the next morning.

Next morning, we received a ring in the room that the van arrived, @6:50am. We rushed to get ready as quickly as we could, but no van downstairs! Finally, van showed up at around 7:20am. After picking up other local passengers, a stop at the very muddy bus station (it’s rainy season), and a few other stops along the way the driver drove like a ‘bat out of hell’ fast speed. And then we finally arrived in one piece to El Nido by around 1:15pm.

From there we took a tricycle (motorbike taxi w a side cart) to the town. We told the driver, we needed a place to stay. No air con, no TV, no hot water is OK with us. He took us directly to the cottage right off the beach where we kept extending our stay for up to one week.

That’s our daily view in front of our tiny cottage!

And that’s about how we roll when we’re traveling.

It’s been awhile since I wrote more regularly. There are more wonderful, heartwarming, heart-wrenching stories too, in all our travels. These stories tell us about the human spirit, that people, in general, around the world are kind, decent humans with a willingness to give a helping hand.

We Say YES to Attitude of Gratitude.

We Say NO to the Status Quo.

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Give Large. Take Little.

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