Taiwan tales – Coffee talk at a train station

Just another day, running from here to there, as we normally do, waiting for a train.  Aye noticed the senior gentleman grinding away with his stainless steel grinder at the table next to us, which prompted me to engage him with small talk.

He was not killing time before his train, rather, he was waiting on a friend to take a local bus for their weekly hike up the mountain. He told me he grinds the beans by hand, makes himself about 200cc cup of fresh coffee every morning.  He had hot water in a separate thermos, along with an espresso sized cup, and he offered me a cup to taste. 

He used a disposable paper filter that straddles the mug, or bottle, and pours the water into the filter by hand.  From what I learned, pour drip is the preferred Taiwanese coffee.  

We subsequently had a nice talk about flavors of the coffee, until his friend arrived.  He is 83 years young, and moves around like a much younger person.  I can see myself being like him when I’m 80+, chatting away and offering coffee to strangers… 

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