The Leap from Thailand to Taiwan

My how time has flown. Our life of four years in Thailand has truly been an incredible adventure and journey.

I thought I would be so brokenhearted by leaving Thailand. Essentially, to me, it means moving away from Burma. Chiang Mai and Mae Sot were the closest thing to my Burmese roots. The dream and the possibilities of living there had lingered in my heart for as long as I can remember.

Without really thinking too much I tried a new approach! After all, it’s a brand new year with a new set of 365 days of opportunities for behavioral changes. A new country. A new page. A new adventure.

After spending 3 months in Taiwan the summer of 2014, then another nearly three months in Malaysia, then back to Texas for the 2014 winter holidays, I was physically and emotionally exhausted. Being on the move, packing, repacking, visiting with family and friends, leaving Texas again, all at the same time homeschooling, It can be and was overwhelming. So many emotions. So many logistics… lot of crying episodes, a lot of wine, a lot of late night worries, crunching the numbers, arguments, Korean episodes, lots of music and soul searching, lots of eating, lots of laughing too.. and on and on.

Returning to Thailand at first was exciting then it was exhausting because we had a lot of work ahead of us before we move to Taiwan. We just had three weeks. Three weeks? What were we thinking! An amazing thing happened though– by the time the last day in Thailand came and it was time to say “See you later, Chiang Mai!” I was not sobbing in big tears. No regrets. Only a sense of satisfaction.

Supporting NGOs and Social Enterprises is a never-ending endeavor. Puzzle Box Art Studio in Mae Sot.

We had one last meal with our friends, James (LIve Collar Free) and Maria (Fiery Tree ) at one of our favorite restaurants. Pun Pun, in Chiang Mai. As I sat with them enjoying and being present at lunch, James said something along the lines of “thought you’d be crying today?” At that very moment, it occurred to me that I couldn’t cry even if I tried. I just felt at peace. I later thought about why I wasn’t in tears. Sobbing, like I thought I would.

At some point after the return, I chose to be present in everything I was doing.

I woke up each morning noticing the beautiful sky above us. I paid attention to the little fishes in the pond, the mooing of the cows from my living room as I had done in the past. I felt the warmth of the sun on my face. I enjoyed the beautiful mountain breezes on my face as we took rides up the mountain with our motorbike. I enjoyed the moments we had together as a family in those three weeks. I noticed friends’ company. I enjoyed the time we took on the road trip to Mae Sot, the art projects with our Burmese friends, interacting with them, learning from them. I tasted every bite of the Burmese salads we had in Mae Sot. I relished every cup of Macchiato as if it was my last. I relished in the idea of being in the moment and truly appreciating it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

More photos located here in our

Post by Got Passport Family.

FB Album on our FB page as well. Feel free to hop-over for a look!

Post by Got Passport Family.

We worked hard to sell as many things was we could. As a family we learned to work together well. It was hectic at times but we did it. We packed up. Shipped 6 boxes to Taiwan and 2 to the US (yes, very costly, not recommended!). We free-cycled to friends and neighbors. Recycled whatever we could. Donated as much as we could to NGOs. Used up all our luggage allowed via checked-in luggage and carry on luggage.

And we did it. With a lot of determination and the willingness to test new waters, we did it. My journey and time in Thailand was complete, for now. I felt at peace. I know deep down, there are places and people that will remain close to my heart, always.

At the end of the day, it took a lot of faith and courage within ourselves and for each other.

I am so proud of us: the three of us.

Uhhh there it is. I see a new adventure.

Carpe Diem! Another Leap of Faith.


We Leaped.


We Say YES to Attitude of Gratitude.

We Say NO to Status Quo.

Live Green. Live Small. Give Large. Take Little.

Take Notice. Take Action.


6 thoughts on “The Leap from Thailand to Taiwan

  1. Beautiful process…….deep learnings. Best of joy and good luck on your next adventure. I’ll miss seeing you all in Thailand. I hope Khiri and Emma can stay friends over time.
    Love to you all.

    1. Hello Andrea!! So so wonderful to see your comments here. I’m very thankful for your words of encouragement. I will miss you in Thailand as well. Something tells me we will remian connected over the interwebs and that we will cross paths again, one day. And I look forward to it. I also hope Emma and Khiri remain friends. Please do encourage Kiri to do the same.

      Thanks again. It’s great to see you here. Much love to you, Andrea.


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