Family Fun Foto: Tea Time in Burma



Through our travels and lifestyle we have learned the value of drinking tea.  One of them is for social reasons. I am writing this post while we are in Taiwan which will become our home in 2015.  Traditionally in Taiwan, when a  visitor arrives to a home,  the host  offers tea and snacks.  This long-lasting tradition is a similar one in Burma.


While traveling throughout Burma in early 2012, we stopped at a tea hut to try some fritters that are typical of Burmese snacks outside of a famous temple (seems they are all famous to the Burmese).   In Burma, tea is also offered everywhere.  That was the first thing placed on our table to go along with the snacks.  Here’s Emma, age 9, enjoying tea with Thanaka on her face, wearing her hat from Innlay.  Very Burmese of course and this photo brings me many smiles when I see it.  I see it daily as it is my screen saver on my computer and right now, at this moment, across from me, she is on her phone camera recording how to draw a “hello kitty” video.  I know in my heart, how lucky I truly am that I get to see and spend time with her for so many  waking hours on my life.


I hope this photo brings you a big smile also.





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