Six Years Later

It’s been six interesting years since we arrived in Asia for the very first time (specifically Taiwan in 2008) as a family of three. (As a couple we came to Asia in 1999, specifically Taiwan, the year before we got married).

Five years ago, on 4th July we began recording our journey in a blog here at while we were vacationing in Asia, but were in Thailand at the time of the first post! That’s when we decided that taking a more less traveled road of leaving material things behind us and to move to Thailand.

Four years ago on 4th July we left Houston (after we sold 90% of the things we owned), began our journey towards a much simplified life in Thailand.

Now again, it is exciting and scary much like when we made the decision to live, and we did live, in Thailand being of service to the people from Burma living in Thailand, with the hope of eventually living in Burma. Much like when we finally sold, donated, recycled everything we owned to begin a new and simplified life in Thailand. We moved to Thailand with five suite cases and a determination to make it work.  We did not even have a place to live until we arrived!   Much like when we decided to sell our home in Houston in late 2013! Frankly and admittedly,  not so exciting, but deep sadness for me that living in Burma may not be a reality for us anytime soon! Uhhhh So much has happened in those simplified years.

Unsure of what the next six years hold, as I slowly but deliberately type these words while in Taiwan, here’s looking at six more years, and another six, and another six and ……..

With abundant gratefulness and a healthy amount of uncertainty and fear, we move forward, placing one foot after the other! One day at a time hoping to make Taiwan our next home base while homeschooling and worldschooling Emma.





We Say YES to Attitude of Gratitude

We Say NO to the Status Quo.

Live Small. Live Green.

Give Large. Take Little.

Take Notice. Take Action.


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