Voices of Emma: Who Let the Rain Down?

If you are a parent, you’d totally understand this. Children are honest, funny and spontaneous.  Emma is all that and more. Lately, Jack was going through the video tapes he made when Emma was a baby and they reminded me of how precious those tapes are, truly. I can never have those days back.  I only have the videos and my own memories! Wow! How precious!


Emma in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Summer 2009.

Anyway, so often, Emma would say something, do something or sing something out of the blue.  99% of the time she makes me laugh out loud with her quick-witted spontaneous songs, sayings and funnies.

Last night during a heavy downpour in Chiang Mai, she broke out with this song. I had to get my phone out to have her sing it again so I can record it. She does that often and sometimes she isn’t all that agreeable for me to record them.  I was glad she let me recorded this one!

Love it. Just listen!

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