Family Fun Fotos: Klong Hae Floating Market

During one of our jaunts this year, we spent a few days in Hat Yai of Southern Thailand on the way to Langkawi Island, Malaysia. I’ve read about this beautiful colorful Klong Hae floating market somewhere.  The best way to get there for us was to hire a motorbike. And for some strange reason, motorbike rentals were not plentiful like here in Chinag Mai. However, the young ladies at the guesthouse helped us get one.  This was the most economical way for us and we had a chance to wonder around to various places on our own. As usual, we went looking for it on our rental motorbike.  It was located right next to a large night market inside a Wat. Opens in the evenings on the weekends.  Go after 5 pm for perhaps a bit of relief from the heat. But be sure to check the specific hours as these things do change.


This was a favorite of our visit to Hat Yai back in Feb. 2014 and we were there a few times.  It was very clean.  The vendors, mostly ladies, adorn themselves in colorful dresses    Small market, which gets very busy, though I enjoyed just sitting back , enjoying my food and watching the people.   I believe they only serve Halal food.




floating market


floating market 3

floating market 4

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