Fourteen Years

Dear Emma’s Daddy, My Love:

They say “time flies when you’re having fun?”

We must have been having fun that fourteen years seem to have gone by so fast!

We have our share of many rough patches in our fourteen years, that’s for sure!

If I really stop and ponder, which i have had a chance to do since we made drastic changes in our lives, I fully admit that I am one lucky person! I have to THANK your parents for raising such a man who has shown and continues to show dedication, love and commitment to Emma and me over the years.

The longer I am married the more I realized that marriage has never been such a simple affair. And it should not ever be! We have had countless disagreements, too many misunderstanding to mention,  times I thought I might just run away, difficulties and challenges we’ve  had to overcome regardless of where we are in this beautiful world. There were days when I thought this world and the people in it weren’t so beautiful.  People can be cruel, calculating and hurtful! Time and time again, I have relied on you to catch me when I felt like falling, over and over!  You are the only one on this earth who understands my weepy-self! I get weepy as I write this post of all places, at Old Town White Coffee, in Penang, Malaysia as we seek shelter from the heat before we depart this great colorful city. (well the Korean ballad I am listening to as I write, don’t understand a word, but I am quite sure it’s about love, is making me weepy I am sure!)

Much gratitude for having you and Emma in my life, always! 





Some days I feel lost, but I feel okay knowing you’re by my side!

Thanks for having faith in me to continue exploring the world with me!



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We Say NO to Status Quo

Live Green. Live Small. Give Large. Take Little.

Take Notice. Take Action


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