My Birthday Gift in Penang, Malaysia

I am in a mall outside of a Kid Land in Penang as I write this!  My birthday is today. I am 47. I am lucky I made it this far! I am fortunate because I am still breathing. I have all my limbs. I am spending my birthday with the two loves of my life, in Penang, of all places! What else can a girl ask for?

Today was mostly for Emma. Being the only child, she loves play-dates with other children. Even though we were not able to arrange a play-date in Chiang Mai with these friends, since the family would be in Penang at the same time, we had to make it happen.

Seeing Emma happy with a big grin on her face brings me joy on my birthday. Okay, I did have to sit  and wait for her, a lot, and escort her all over town, but what the heck! 🙂 She needs to be a kid with other kids! 🙂

Look at these beautiful happy faces!


I went on the yellow/green ones and screamed louder than the kids. They kept going back over and over for two hours!



Mad Libs at a local Malay restaurant in Batu Farringi.


At the bus stop!


On the local bus!




Kid Land in Prangin Mall! Emma loved it! She thought it was very educational! 🙂

So it is not all glamour and glitters; just a simple, long and ordinary day. Long because they were in Kid Land for nearly 4 hours and adventure zone for 2 hours!  After all we are in Penang, Malaysia. One of my favorite places.

Happy for having had this day! I will take it, nothing less, nothing more. And a happy birthday to me! My little Asian Alice would say, “happy un-birthday” tomorrow!



One thought on “My Birthday Gift in Penang, Malaysia

  1. I have to go to this place! Those slides look like fun! Maria thought I was nuts going down the tube slides at the Spice Garden, but I finally got her to try one too 😀

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