Learning to Write Chinese and to Speak Mandarin

So far 2014 has been and will be the year of more transitions: Phase Two of our expat life in Asia.

Our trip to Taiwan had us reevaluate a lot about where we need to be and want to be next. With another pending Taiwan trip in June 2014, Emma has been quite eager about learning to write Chinese characters and speaking Mandarin. She started earlier this year at her current international school she is attending in Chiang Mai. Her teacher has been sharing resources, videos, phrases etc.

She has been coming home excited to report to us what she has learned. For the moat part, everything is exciting for an 11 year-old allowing me to see the world through her eyes!

As I write this post in Penang, Malaysia where there is a large Chinese population, we come across a lot of Chinese signs and writings!  I love that every so often Emma would stop and ask her Daddy about the characters she sees and Jack would teach her the proper pronunciation and what the word means etc.

And tonight, the reason that prompted me to write this post —Emma studying on her own without any prompts from either one of her parents!

I hope that Emma remain interested and continues to learn and use the language in the days ahead, hopefully, the rest of her life!??!!







Looking forward to our time in Taiwan this Summer!  Lots of exploring, reconnecting, and discovering ahead!


One thought on “Learning to Write Chinese and to Speak Mandarin

  1. Hi, are you from China? I am so interested in your life in Chiang Mai. I visit this nice city last month and plan to go there in Summer. At that time I will follow your instructions to do what we can do in Chiang Mai. Thanks a lot for your detaied information!

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