April Fools

When I got pregnant with Emma, before I knew she was a “she”, we picked out two names. I had hoped and prayed that we would have twins. You know an “Emma” and an “Ethan”….

It started out with the word procreation! I emailed another Mum we connected with through our Facebook page regarding postcard exchange. It was an apology really to let her know that we finally did send the post card.


How are you? Emma sent a post card a while ago! Did you all receive it?

Sorry it took a while. I was procreating, a lot!”

What I really meant to say was “PROCRASTINATING” not procreating. Since I was using my tablet, predictive text auto corrected my word. Anyway, to make long story short, I was explaining what had happened to Jack, about the email, post card exchange bit, etc.

Then we got an idea. DING!  Jack with is witty sense of humor and it was April 1st in Asia already— what if???  So Jack posted this on our FB page.   Lots of giggles though.

Fullscreen capture Newsflash Fooled, I say.

No I am not pregnant. I’m gliding into my 50’s in just a few short years and I don’t know if my body will take it well.

I have to admit that when I saw all the responses, I was very moved by them!  That you were paying attention, for those of you that responded.

I also wondered,  what if?  What if we had a little Ethan. It was nice to imagine and dream for 24 hours. It was heart-warming to say the least.

I spoke to Emma about it and asked her what she thought about the idea of having a little brother. I can tell though she was not sure. I guess like all of us, if that was a reality, it would take a while, even for an 11 year-old, to let the news sink in. When I told her it was really an April Fools Joke, I can tell on her face that she was quite relieved. I don’t blame her though.

I was talking to one of my friends on LINE App the night before, and she sent me the following message

All this chatting yesterday and you did not mention some dude named Ethan????

Wait. Or is it April Fools?

Frankly, I was thankful that we connected and started chatting.   It gave me a reason to chat with her. Not that I need a reason.  I always just pop-in to say Hi or send a sticker when I am thinking about it, just because. And it’s usually for the reasons we wrote about in this post about being lonely being expats parents. Mostly because I miss my family and friends. And I’ll take whatever excuse I can get to stay connected to them. Unfortunately, many are so busy in their lives that I’m lucky if I get a sticker at all.

So let me just say I’m thankful and leave it at that.

Sincerely though,  Thanks to everyone that sent private and public messages of support. It meant a lot to us!

april fools

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