Happy Birthday to My Emma: To a New Decade

As you explore your way through this world full of wander and wonder….


Though you have lived only eleven years, you are full of curiosity, gentle awareness and loving kindness!

You constantly fill my life with many ‘a-ha’ moments and moments of ‘awe’. They say not to give a child too many praises for they may quickly get a big-head?

But what does a Mother do when her child comes to the bedside and quietly takes her Mum’s phone, put it on this link (see below) to help me ease the pain from the migraines I have been suffering for the last twenty-four hours despite medications. You did that for me the night before you turned eleven.

The music soothed my aching mind. It helps me understand once more that you are a kind and gentle soul. It helps me appreciate having you in my life that much more! For that, I praise you as kind and gentle!

Don’t ever change!

As I routinely say to you before you leave to go to school “Work hard. Play fair. Be kind. Don’t hurt others. Have fun. Learn a lot!”


Chiang Mai,  September 2010

Happy Birthday! Mommy and Daddy are so proud to see you become a conscientious, kind, caring, mature girl!  Here’s the most beautiful gift of words from Daddy for your birthday!

I love you, Sandha.



Burma December 2012


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