Flat Stanley Came for a Visit

A few weeks ago Flat Stanley Lambchop from Texas came to visit us in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

We have brought Stanley just about everywhere we went.  We have forgotten him a few times at home! Sorry Stanley! Let us see where Stanley has gone to so far!

First day in Chiang Mai and met our daughter Emma!image

We took him to many cafes. Especially our favorite ones! 🙂image


He had his first cup of Cappuccino at the tree house cafe. image

At the first cafe we visited, we introduced him to “pet mak mak” that’s “a lot of chilies or spicy” in Thai!image


We also took him to strawberry farms! It is strawberry season in Northern Thailand.

We introduced him to Isaan food including “Moo Yang” barbeque pork, Larp, salad made with grounded rice powder, very popular here in Chiang Mai. imageimage

We also introduced him to Khao Mun Gai, a chicken dish we like but mostly wanted to introduce him to the owner too.   Very friendly lady who always greet us with a smile.  It’s supporting a local business, in other word, supporting another family just like us. image


In our backyard

Front walkway to our place


A visit to Thailand without a picture with a rice field would be a crime. So there it is, Flat Stanley and a rice field near our place.

wpid-wp-1393390044606.jpeg wpid-wp-1393390033037.jpeg

There is a 7-11 in just about every corner of Thailand. When we came to Thailand for the first time in 2009, we used to go to 7-11 to cool off during the day!  🙂image


We also took Stanley to meet Emma’s Year 6 teacher, Mr. Alex from Britain.


Emma’s friend Azya, came over for a play date!

Flat Stanley is also learning how to show more expressions than that fixed smile of his.image

Yes, Flat Stanley now knows where to go to get medicine!image

Flat Stanley also had amazing delicious tea and pineapple cakes from Taiwan! image

Flat Stanley also met Mr. Ben of Magical Light Foundation, a charity that builds schools in Burma.image

Flat Stanley was introduced to our friend Lee of Akha Ama Coffee and learned all about a social enterprise and about where coffee comes from – from seeds to cup!


He also attended a professional training with us on Attachment Theory because Ms. Aye works with a local Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that works with at risk youths.

Stanley came with us to southern tip of Thailand then on a boat  to Langkawi Island, Malaysia during our trip for a visa-run!

We introduced him to Indian food in Malaysia. Ummm Dosa!

He went along with us on motorbike rides around the island


In the sky cab above the Langkawi Geopark.

He was with us in a sky cab to Panoramic point of Langkawi. 700 meters above sea level.

Oh, hi Stanley! Checking out the sky bridge? It was closed at the time of our visit due to maintenance, but Stanley wanted a photo with it. So there he is!

We drove around the island and stopped at various beaches. There were many with very few tourists on it. Score!

Beaches everywhere

More beaches. image

We tried to go early in the mornings and in the evenings when the sun is less intense. Emma loves the water and the beach.  We tried to include Stanley in all our fun activities, as you can see. image

Stanley saw some beautiful sunrises and sunsets. This one was on a crowded beach during a sunset. Though crowded, not as crowded as some of the beaches I’ve been on in Mexico resorts.  image

I am composing this post in a beach front cafe (with WiFi) while Flat Stanley and my little family enjoy the beautiful view, the cool breezes, the smell of the sea water from the ocean after driving several kilometers from our guesthouse on the rental motorbike.

As it turned out, not all photos uploaded so we are at another cafe working on this post, again. All is good. Hopefully, we will be able to have as many as we can.

Thanks to my friend, Grace and her son, Noah from Arlington, Texas for giving us this opportunity to bring Stanley along on our journey!

With love from Malaysia, because that’s where we are at the moment.  When we return to Chiang Mai, we will upload the rest of the photos.

Aye, Emma and Jack


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