Growing Older

This year we will be short of only three tender years from our 50th! But with age comes wisdom and ever-growing attitude of gratitude!

Recently, we lost a family member to cancer. At a very young age, he lost the fight to live, to grow old with his wife, to have children, to…!!   A couple of years ago, we lost a very dear friend at the young age of 45. Jack has known him since college and it was a shock to all his friends and family! He left us way too soon! And when I think about his very young daughter, there is a great amount of sadness, for her!  I remind myself, daily, of how lucky Emma is, I am, that she still has her daddy who takes her to and pick her up from school everyday since we’ve lived here in Chiang Mai!
Tomorrow is not promised to any of us!

I’m grateful, for I am breathing today, granted the privilege to live another day and celebrate another birthday!

Say YES to Attitude of Gratitude. Daily!



We Say NO to Status Quo. 

Say YES to Attitude of Gratitude.

Live Green. Live Small. Give Large. Take Little.

Take Notice. Take Action.



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