Taiwan is calling

It’s New Year’s Day in Taiwan!  My heart is swollen, filled with gratitude, hope and joy as I watch Emma and Jack reconnecting since we arrived to Taiwan on 22nd December 2013 with roots, language, customs,  traditions, food and most importantly, extended family.  You can see a ton of pictures I posted here from our trip, I dare not ask for more!

We are convinced that a childhood that includes time in Taiwan will give so much more to our lives and to Emma’s in the bigger picture. So this trip to Taiwan has been crucial and reaffirming for all three of us!

So much I feel and appreciate that I cannot put into words and I perhaps I don’t need to!  Jack and I have had long pauses when we encounter moments where Emma plays hide and seek happily with her cousins though the only communication they have is the game itself and the knowledge that they are family. Or moments when I say to Emma, look Mae-Mae and Dee-Dee are your little sister and little brother you wished you had and soon I see them running around singing “London bridge is falling down” and giggling on the floor together.  Or together listening to children’s music in Mandarin dancing and playing together! Or the time she spends with her uncles and especially aunties that seem to adore her.  She will cherish these memories and connections for a long time, hopefully into her adulthood, and it makes sense to give Emma that opportunity as much as it does for her daddy to reconnect with his extended family!

And the idea of leaving Thailand after having lived there for almost 4 years is no longer surprising!! Maybe it is time!  To give Emma a life in a new country other than Thailand is exciting because this is what I wanted for her childhood!  For that, the opportunity of a lifetime, today, this moment, I am grateful!

So we leave 2013 holding on to beautiful memories and moments we collected in the past 365 days, looking forward to the year 2014!

Perhaps my dream of having time in Burma and Taiwan will come true in 2014!  It’s a new year with blank pages for our family and for that I am thankful.

On that note, Happy New Year again to our family and friends who continue to follow our adventures through this blog and our Facebook Page!

Thank you!

And remember:

You can close your eyes to the things you don’t want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you don’t want to feel” ~ Johnny Depp


We feel it in our hearts!  Taiwan is calling!




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