Yee Ping 2013: Our 4th Year in Chiang Mai

Yee Ping holds a special place in my heart since the first year we celebrated it here in Chiang Mai. I fondly wrote about it here, four years ago.  Each year, before the festival arrives, I find myself reminiscing and reflecting upon the year before and how lucky we are that we have been living here and partaking.

In the previous years, I have busied my self organizing, always with good intentions, so that  group of friends could attend it together.  This year, after just returning from being away for two months back in the US, it was nice to have quiet family time together, and we did.

We drove around the city to enjoy the beautiful lights before the madness officially took over the city. We attended a Buddhist ceremony on the full-moon night at a temple inside the city which was, for me as a Buddhist, a spiritually moving one. And as usual I was thankful, that we were able to witness it together as a family.   We lit up some tiny candles in the front of our tiny house and in our tiny backyard.  We admired the candles flickering in the cool November air, in the company of just the three of us. We also drove up to the mountain temple, Wat Doi Kham, and released a giant lantern together.  The temple Monks directed us to a good spot, on the temple grounds,  helped us prepare the lantern and light it up before we released it quietly into the silky night sky of Chiang Mai amongst other flickering lights.  Having felt the mountain breeze over our faces and cheeks, we gazed upon our lantern turn slowly into a simple spec, a flicker of a light. Whether it is at night or during the day, the view from Wat Doi Kham is something to be admired and enjoyed. That we did. Just he three of us!

Our lantern floated away carrying with it our family’s gratitude for having had a simple and comfortable life in Thailand since 2010 and our wishes to be able to continue to live a meaningful life filled with travels and service to those in need.

As with all our holidays and festivals, we captured some images of what we witnessed for keepsakes, for our journal.  We shared a few photos on Facebook and you can find them here in this folder.

yee ping emma 2013 yee ping 4 2013 yee ping 9 2013 yee ping 7 2013It was simple. It was enjoyable. It was enough.


I say YES to the Attitude of Gratitude. 



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