Find Joy in the Ordinary

One morning last week, after a stormy and rainy night, I noticed this and I had to take a photo of it. I couldn’t resist.  I had to share it. I had to share with the world, my tiny joy I received from this ordinary happening, yet the most beautiful thing for me at that very moment. I found so much joy in seeing it, it brought me to tears.  It could have been because I just got back from selling our home in the US where I spent two months away from my little family.  I was so happy that I was breathing the Chiang Mai air with my kid and husband near me again.  Or maybe I was extra happy because of the curtains I brought back from the US from our now sold house was and were being installed in our humble 56sqm Chiang Mai home.   🙂

I’m not sure what it is exactly, but after returning from my recent trip to the US to sell our home in Texas, I came back,  for lack of a better word, a ‘better’ person.

The managing of the entire process of the repairs and renovating the house then selling it was a piece of cake compared to how much I missed my little family.  I learned a lot about myself  and my life in those two long-months.

I’m back now and has been for three weeks. I notice everything.  I have lived a life of gratitude and appreciation especially for the past three years or since moving to Thailand.  This is not a sudden change for me.  I’ve been working up to this, so you might say that I’ve had yet another transformation, for the better.

I know in my brain that there’s joy in the ordinary, but I have not given it the significance that it truly deserves.

Since that morning of the 20th November, I’ve been sharing photos on Facebook I so ordinarily named as “Finding Joy in the Ordinary”

Every single day there’s something we can appreciate and enjoy without having to go too far, not even from our own comfort zone! It is to appreciate the now, to enjoy today! It is to be grateful for the ordinary!

I share my photos as our family continues to enjoy the ordinary, everyday life and the simplicity around us, no matter where we are in the world.

Look for our occasional #photos! Maybe you can start sharing photos of your own too with your community of friends to make #gratitude a part of your daily life and practice.

As my fellow Americans approach Thanksgiving holiday in the US, I challenge everyone, holidays or not,  to begin a new way of giving thanks to yourself, and your community around you by ‘finding joy in the ordinary’ in your own life, and your surroundings.

Perhaps less complaining by looking for that simple joy, no matter how tiny and small! It’s easier to focus on what we don’t have rather than being grateful for what we do have. It is such a defeated way to live. Gossip less because there’s no time made talking bad about others or participate in or tolerate such activity,  let it go, quickly!  No more spreading negative rumors about others (there’s always two sides to the story) so stay busy looking for joy in the ordinary rather than being trapped by the dark and the negativity!  Let it go, quickly. Less dwelling on the negative (because frankly there will ALWAYS be negativity and we don’t have to look too hard, especially if you spend most of your life looking for it), so, focus more of the positives in life. The more I looked the more I found.

In my case, I’ve gotten really good at dwelling on the negative over the years, like 40+ years.  De-programming oneself takes time and patience. Lots of it. Trust me on this one.

Find a way to forgive those who have harshly wronged you.  Because in the end, forgiveness is about finding peace for me and myself.  It has very little to do with the other person who needs forgiving.

With purposeful and positive intention, practice it long enough, you will be surprised how much quality of life will be added to your everyday life!

Take a step.

Make it a forward-focused step. Today.


This simple little blue vase and red stem of simple petals brought me a smile today. I stopped to take a photo of it so you could see it too!

Find more of my daily joy folder on Facebook!



 I say YES to Attitude of Gratitude. 

Every single day there’s something we can appreciate and enjoy without having to go too far! Appreciate the now. Enjoy…

Posted by The Got Passport Family on Monday, November 25, 2013


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