Blessed for the Rest of My Life

I’m grateful for it.

I discovered this British documentary show yesterday before going to bed, and asked Emma to watch it with me. It was about fashion (initial enticement to watch it with me) and I asked her “isn’t it great? It’s really about your own style isn’t it? You make it your own so you don’t have to worry about whether you fit in or not! You are not required to follow any trends. You make your own trend!  Pretty cool right!?”  She watched the whole video with me and I was curious about her reaction. She was in awe of some of the scenes and am proud of her for sitting through it with me.

In this same week, after reading this article, I was curious about this new young teenage star name “Lorde” whom I was not aware of until this week.  As I was listening to her music, Emma was curious to know who the singer was and why I was listening. I told her that I’ve read some interesting things about this young-girl. And wow.. she’s a good singer too.  So this week, Emma’s been listening to her music and she’s also learning more about her.

Another video I’ve been watching and listening to a lot this week is q Burmese song. Emma hears it a lot and from time to time since I watch it and listen to the songs of this Burmese musician.  But this one in particular is my favorite.

Basically, I guess I am writing this post as a way to record the happenings of this week that I find are significant to me as a mother and our mother-daughter relationship.

Emma n MommyDuring lunch a few days ago,  I found myself telling Emma “I’m so glad I gave birth to you, Kiddo!  You bring me smiles, laughter, hugs and kisses everyday!”  while sitting at our favorite little Shan cafe run by Jack’s former students. I said it again as we walked down from a hike of no less than 700 steps to Doi Kham because she was such a trooper hiking up the steps to that temple.

I also read somewhere that hugs are good medicine for us and shared it with Emma and Jack. Ever since I told her about it, we give each other lots of hugs, not that we didn’t before, but we are just more aware of it and make conscientious effort to give each other hugs.

I love that when I am on the motorbike, Emma sits right in front of me and I get to hug her real tight and tease her daily.  Love  that part of my day!!!

I cannot help but have the desire to etch those moments in my memory bank, tucked away safely. But in case my memory fails me one day, I have this to refer to.

Tonight, she sleeps soundly next to me as I type this!   I sure hope Emma stumbles upon this one day because I know 10, 20, 30 years from now, I will still have the same feelings about how precious she is to me and that I don’t regret for one minute that she has blessed me and my life by entering it.

And that is me finding joy in an ordinary day and week!  I am truly fortunate, and I’m grateful.



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