How Would You Really Enjoy Life If Money Were No Object

Given that the three of us are separated right now,  some days I’m miserable being away from my family, not being able to hug them, talk to them regularly, take care of them, participate in their daily lives. I’ve had a lot of time alone to think about a lot of things while I’m back in Houston to sell our town home. Because one of us had to do this. I’m proud of the work I’ve put into making our home a beautiful place again. And as much as I loath and detest being away, I need to be here to do this for the sake of my family’s future.

My mantra:  Focus on the positives. Focus on the positives. Focus. Focus. This too shall pass. We will move forward.

Having been back here for a month now, thinking back to our lives here in Houston before we sold 90% of what we owned in 2010 and left the US to live in Thailand, it’s hard to believe we lived a life filled with everything we ever needed and wanted. We had everything a modern world has to offer.

Damn. How lucky were we?

I’ve also had a lot of time to listen, observe, learn from my surroundings on a daily basis.  I’ve spent a lot of time down memory lane whether it was during the home repairs working late into the nights to get the house ready for sale, or gathering with  friends/family or being in places where we use to work or hang-out together.  30+ years of living in one place is a long time and a lot of memories were definitely made.

What I’ve realized is that I don’t miss the life we used to have. Not that it was bad. It was great. Life was good. We had good days. We also had bad days.  But, that was then. We lived a good life, we moved to a new phase in Asia.  I don’t miss living in our near 2300 sq ft luxury home. I’m happy living in our simple 592 sq ft space in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Recently, Jack found this video and shared it on Facebook for his life coach clients a few days ago.

First, let me just say the background music is just unbelievably moving, to me. Do you love it too?  If you have the chance, you might want to watch other videos from Alan Watts. At the very least, they will inspire you.  They will make you think deeply, ponder, and question. I don’t completely agree with what he coins as “stupid” in the video below,  but  many people may feel they do what they need to do to survive.

So what about the questions?

What if money were no object? How would you really enjoy spending your life?

I saw this video and immediately thought to myself, would I go back to the life we had in the US? Would I buy a bigger home?  What would I do? What would I do and it occurred to me that we are already doing it.

My immediate answer was that I would be doing exactly what we are doing living in Asia. We might be in Burma. We might live in Malaysia. We could be in Taiwan. We could be in the US in an RV traveling by way of camping in National Parks.  We would still write our blog. We wold still move forward. We would still help people move froward and get unstuck. I might still teach Burmese language. I might still want to teach Burmese cooking classes. I would still want to reach out and help those in need.  I know Jack would not want to give up his teaching gigs. He loves to teach. We would still be green. I’d still want to cook, make smoothies, eat healthy.  I’d still want Emma to go to the same school, if that makes her happy.  We would still be frugal. I would not load up my closet with more clothes and/or shoes because that would mean cluttering and de-cluttering even more later.

And what a feeling that is. A great feeling knowing we are exactly where we want to be!

What about you?  What would you be doing if money were no object?

Before you answer, consider this!





One thought on “How Would You Really Enjoy Life If Money Were No Object

  1. Greetings,
    I would be doing exactly what you are doing – living a simple life without being surrounded by all the materialistic items. We actually were going to move to Chiang Mai next summer; however, that has been put on hold. We have two elementary children and the cost of the international schools is a little expensive, especially the upfront costs. Hopefully, it will happen in a few years.

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