One click after another, I discovered these videos on Facebook and Youtube. Needless to say,  I’ve been listening to each all evening. It’s so great I cannot keep it to myself. Since I’m a sharing kind of person, I’m sharing this with whoever wants to watch it.

More importantly, I want to come back to this video from time to time and listen to it with my family. I want this to be part of our journal.

When Emma went to sleep earlier tonight, she asked me to play music for her and I did. I played the first song for her to fall asleep to.

There is something amazing about this music that moves me to tears, joy and other emotions in between, all at the same time.  It’s provoking. It makes me feel as though I am flying enjoying the never-ending beautiful scenes of nature around the world one continent over the other. I can feel the soft cool breeze on my face gently reminding me that I’m alive and to be grateful for breathing (that could also be the fan blowing on my face, but I can dream, right?  Right!)

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about the time when we finally live in an RV somewhere in one of the US National Parks surrounded by trees, forests,  mountains, streams, caves, you name it I love it. I imagine it. This song brings me there. I want to keep feeling the breeze on my skin, smell the snow, the rain, the trees, the ocean, hear the frogs, the water, and appreciate the beautiful silence the earth can provide for us to contemplate the very existence of our being.

When I listen to this music I float, I relax, I contemplate and my imagination glides me to beautiful places hiking in the hills and the forest, admiring the works of earth, relaxing to yoga moves in large open spaces like  the Monument Valley or  Yosemite National Park.

So I close my eyes.  I imagine.

Close your eyes, breath deeply, enjoy it as much as I do. Let your imagination fly.



We Say Yes to Attitude of Gratitude

We Say NO to Status Quo

Live Small. Live Green

Give Large. Take Little. 

Take Notice.  Take Action. 


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