Letting Go and Moving Forward

Changes and challenges are all around us whether we are living in the US or in Thailand. Our home in Texas currently needs MAJOR costly repairs which will require Jack to return to the US one more time this year, yes, more costly.  And, to sell or not to sell.

Meanwhile, we have been looking for a new place to live in Chiang Mai, without the house hunters international crew this time,  while contemplating heavily on our tight budget.  We’ve lived in the city or close to it for the past three years since we moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand.  This time, the place we chose is further away from the city, with no real public transportation,  and away from the places we are familiar with and frequent in the city, this includes the NGOs we support, places to eat, markets we like and friends we’ve made.  The new place will be closer to our daughter’s school (and yes, that’s costly too, more costly than our  rent we pay here). And she’s only keen on homeschooling if we’re in Burma or are traveling.  She prefers to see her friends on a daily basis while she is in Chiang Mai. And who can blame her!

Since, we sold most things we owned including our cars,  emptied out our home and moved to Chiang Mai in 2010, surely this is a new challenge we can conquer and overcome together.

I can choose to focus on the mishaps, the negative, the obstacles, the challenges and all the troubles we have encountered since we moved here or even just with house hunting etc. etc. Believe me there are plenty. If you have questions, email me. I wish to not spend my energy there. I refuse.

Remaining and staying on the path of “dwelling-on-the-positive” in my life, I believe the next phase of our lives will prove to be what we make it. It will be just as exciting and adventurous.

After all, we live in Thailand. I’m a flight away from other Asian countries, in the same time zone, I get to eat Thai food everyday and  I can take a bus and be in Mae Sot (little Burma) within 6 hours.  We are together as a family, healthy and happy. Life cannot be simpler.

So, I am letting go of the familiarity once again, and moving forward to refocus on our goals as a family.

WE are moving forward and NOT looking back, well, at least  NOT with regrets!

Photo from Akha Ama Coffee Journey Jan 2011.

Thanks to our friend Shannon of A Little Adrift for the above photo from the coffee journey.




2 thoughts on “Letting Go and Moving Forward

  1. I think you have the right attitude Aye. But it’s okay to be poopy in the pants and depressed and negative sometimes too. I think ignoring those feelings causes a lot more problems than acknowledging them and moving on. Good luck and remember I am here if you need to bend my ear!

    1. Aww thanks Dr. Lani. I appreciate the offer of a listening ear. I believe that I am a fortunate person. Very lucky because I’m married to a Psychologist who happens to be good to me, understands me, and a good listener, though I cannot talk to him about EVERYTHING!:-) I absolutely agree that it’s OK to be down and out (that was yesterday for me and those who know me really well know that sometimes those days turn into weeks). Trust me, I’ve had my share of days and still do. I’ve also seen many others go through the deep dark days throughout my career as a Social Worker working with cancer patients, dialysis patients, AIDS patients, the elderly population and migrants from Burma. At this stage of my life, while recognizing I have those days that sometimes turn into weeks, I choose to focus on the positive whenever I am able and as much as I can. I choose to be grateful and thankful role model to my daughter. The alternative is deeply costly to my mental health and the people around me.

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