Learning by Interest: Synchronized Swimming and Dancing

Our now 10 year young Em loves swimming.  When M gets in the water she keeps showing us moves similar to synchronized swimming.  I take that as interest to learn a new sport: in this case, synchronized swimming. She has also asked me how to make certain dance moves after seeing a gymnastics movie.  Soooo… between those two indicated interests, I’ve been in search for dance lessons and synchronized swimming lessons.

We have a friend whose a Olympic synchronized swimmer, but not here in Chiang Mai for the summer. While we plan on asking her about lessons, in the mean time,  I have found these lessons here  and here  as part of her summer learning this summer.  M just started watching these today. Now I need to get her to a pool or get a place with a pool. Soonish!

She’s also watching videos on how to swim like a mermaid and wants a tail just like the one in the video. Oye.

As for dance lessons, I have found these videos for ballet for online lessons and we’re visiting Sangdao dance school later this week.

So much can be learned online. My summer DIY homeschooling program made possible here in Chiang Mai, Thailand thanks to Youtube and CosmoLearning. The challenge continues!!!





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