Settling in Texas and the Challenge of Homeschooling

We’re settling slowly in Texas and by that I mean getting over jet-lag and illnesses.  A few days before we got on the day-train to Bangkok (what seemed like forever, because it was over 10 hours) and then on a plane to Houston via Tokyo, Japan, I was bed-ridden for a few days with the flu. My temp got as high as 103F or 39.4C when my normal body temp is usually around 97.5F.  I’ve not had the flu in over a decade.  Then Jack came down with allergies, coughing and sneezing etc. A few days before I got sick, M had a fever and had an infection as well.  But children are resilient and are true miracles. She bounced back up like a spring, endured the train ride, the plane ride and after about 33 hours, we landed at DFW International Airport ready to play with her cousins. And played she did. She went to bed the same time with her cousins and jet lag? What jet lag?  She was fine the whole time they were here, just exhausted after the cousins left.

Jack went to see a doctor here right away and he had really bad allergies but he’s recovering now.

Me?  I’ve had a tough time coping with being back in the US. Maybe it was just timing. Maybe I’m still getting over the flu as well as the entire journey. I crashed, emotionally for a few days. And that’s just the way things were.  The best way to deal with that, for me, is to let time pass. And having lunch with my friend of 27 years did more good for me than I thought. It was just nice to sit with her, an old friend,  and talk, confess, commiserate and plan a girls-only-get-a-way trip in the near future.

So this morning, I woke up feeling somewhat back to myself, I spoke to M about creating “some” structure with our time while we’re back in Texas until June. She’s a trooper. She digs it, she gets it, we’ve done this before, Let’s do it!  She started to write everything down on paper then I told her it might be better-off putting it on a google spreadsheet. She calls this IT time.

M working faithfully on her schedule during our time in Texas

And yes, we’re homeschooling M because the school year is still going on and won’t end until June. In the past, I’ve been super anxious about homeschooling her, but this time, I’m confident that I’ll do fine. Mostly because she’s such an eager beaver and always tackle things with a sense of gusto and that makes my job as her Mum and teacher much, much easier.

Here’s what her schedule looks like so far and we may have to tweak it around 22nd April because that’s when all her classmates go back to school in Chiang Mai. She’s super excited about having P.E time because that’s Wii time.

M’s self-made schedule in Texas until 22 April

 Beyond 22 April here is the schedule. This is the schedule we will use until we leave in June.

M's Texas Schedule

So one of the things I always look for and ask myself while I’m reading and watching videos is “Is this homeschool worthy?”  I do find a lot of materials on-line and in everyday life experiences that could fit into her learning at home. Though I’ve been very nervous in the past about this task as a homeschooling Mum, I think I’m totally up to the challenge now. I think we’re going to have fun together during our time in Texas. I am sure there will be challenging times, and trying times, they are expected. And after leaving Texas last summer I wrote about my anxieties and about this issue in my post Thoughts on Finding Balance and Living Few Regrets.

Seriously, challenge accepted.

And when I find videos (articles) like this (see video below), I get excited about sharing them with M and see how she responds.



3 thoughts on “Settling in Texas and the Challenge of Homeschooling

  1. You go girl! You are doing great. Show us what local fruits and veg you get there too. And flowers, animals . Assume M starting school in sept?
    Octopus video nearly stop my heart. They are the only creature caring for their eggs till death.
    Love, khin

    1. Hi Khin,

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. We’re back in Texas and she’s still in school (or her friends in Thailand at her school are still in school) so I am homeschooling her along with the school materials as well as some of my own I find over the internet. She’s learning Burmese, Spanish and Taiwanese as well… so we have a bit of everything. The wonderful thing about homeschooling (so far) is that we do a lot of other fun things that we may not find in a classroom but fun and learning oriented. The challenge is when we go from Arlington to Houston and change of scenery, space and routines. But we do what we can! Thanks for that tip about the Octopus.

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