Double Digit Birthday

A decade ago, after nearly 6 months of being on bed-rest in Houston, Texas, I gave birth to a precious baby girl. She was 6 lb 11oz. 19 inches long.

Proud to have you by my side all these years,  you have grown into a mature, well-mannered (90 percent of the time), intelligent, creative, happy young lady full of enthusiasm for life.

Happy Birthday to my precious Em aka Alice aka Rosa Parks. Love you so much!

Em's 1st Birthday. at Stonehenge in England.
Em’s 1st Birthday (2004) at Stonehenge in England. During Spring Break of 2004 (the month of March) we begun a family tradition of traveling every Spring Break as a celebration for our birthdays and wedding anniversary instead of giving each other gifts, we give each other the gift of time.

Let’s keep our family traditions alive for as long as we possibly can!

This year, in 2013, we celebrate your 10th birthday, Mommy and Daddy celebrate our 46th birthday, and  our 13th year wedding anniversary while still traveling regularly.  I hope you enjoyed your time in the pool by the beach in Thailand as per your request in our recent road trip in Thailand.

At a resort between Cha-am and Hua Hin, Thailand, March 2013

I’m grateful to be who we are, where we are and what we are doing together as a family.


Message to M:

now we have everything


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