A 4th Grader in Year 5. Oh My!

My dear M,

Back in June,before the summer,  before we went back to the US,  you had to say “goodbye”  to a few of  your friends you’ve known since year 3, 2010.   I knew that  it was not an easy thing for you to do.  Let’s do our best to  keep in touch with them so that someday perhaps you could reunite with them, somewhere in the world?    Perhaps you could meet your friend Azya in Scotland and Da-In in Korea?  That would be really cool, wouldn’t it?  (Adding photos here after or when I locate them!)

And now, another school year has started  and how exciting it is for you my little  M.

Wow!  Can you believe it M?  You’re in 4th grade, year 5!   This year there are 6 girls (including you) and 10 boys totaling to 16 students in your entire 4th grade, year 5.  Last year, was a big class totaling about 23 students. Ms. Carol had her hands full with all of you.

This year,  I hear Mr. Brett gives lots of homework and is rather strict.  But I think you’ll do fine because you had Ms Kat in your first year and she’s taught you well.  As long as I can remember, even when you were tiny in your first Montessori school, we had you doing your homework the minute you got home.  That habit has stuck with you over the years and I’m glad that you are respectful of homework.   Mr. Brett told us that the comprehension avg for kids your age is at score of 80 and that you are at 150.

I also heard that this year’s Maths will be much more advanced and you’ll have to know the times table by heart!  Remember?  I tried to warn you this summer?  🙂  Ms. Carol told me about the 100 squares and I think we’ll have to master that, well, OK, you will need to master that.

Just like the previous years, there will be good days and there will be not so good days!  Right?  That’s just how life goes my sweet girl, M.   I wish you  another year filled with having fun, learning, experiencing and making memories with your friends and teachers!  May they be long-lasting memories and may you continue to develop life long friendships here in Chiang Mai!

I’ll try my best as your Mommy to help record them for you here whenever I can.  If not here, at least here!


M with her BFF!


Waiting for the Thai National Anthem at 8 am.


This is a great way to respect the country’s tradition. Waiting to raise the flag to the Thai National Anthem.

This is one of  the traditions I love about living in Thailand.  For the past two years, I get teary-eyed each time I go with you to school on  your first day as I watch you and so many other children facing the flag and paying respect.

Mr. Brett–  telling you all something very important on your first day! Listen well!


By the way, Mummy and Daddy are  reading and learning as much as we can about homeschooling.  I hope that both Mommy and Daddy will do right by you with homeschooling when the time comes.




2 thoughts on “A 4th Grader in Year 5. Oh My!

    1. Hi Na,

      There are 7 international schools in Chiang Mai, and all are available online with their websites. We suggest doing your own research to find the school that meets your family’s needs, in terms of accreditation, curriculum, location, cost, etc.

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