Cafe Escape: Buak Haad Park

As I have written in my other cafe hunting post, I like trying out different cafes with air conditioning to escape the Chiang Mai heat and to share it with my readership of 5!  Ha ha, okay 6! . Happy to report we found another nice one.  There are so many cafes here in Chiang Mai that pops-up and you never know how long they will stay around. Last week we went to one close to our house and realized it was no longer a cafe- well it was more like a real estate office- they just forgot to change the signs. 🙂  No worries, we have many other choices.

In 2008 when I came with my Mother to Chiang Mai as a side trip from India and Burma, I knew this is where I would want to live with my family.  In 2009 I was lucky enough to convince my hubby to return here on Summer holiday.  As with any family with a young child, the first thing we tried to find was a place where we could take her for some outdoors play time. This park known to us as Chiang Mai park was the perfect place for such activity.

We fed the pigeons and had picnics here during that trip.  Since we moved to Chiang Mai in 2010, we’ve had many gatherings here with friends for yoga, thai chi sessions and play dates with our daughter’s friends as well as the annual Chiang Mai Flower Festival.  We went for a nice walk this morning here (we counted 565 steps, 1.27 km there’s an app for that) which isn’t much, I know, but my right arm and my hand started to tingle again,  so we stopped. 😦

The place where we use to do yoga and thai chi is now Cafe de Garden.  It is quite spacious with lots of comfortable seating inside and out, several outlets around the cafe, fast wi-fi as there are very few people (as in one other person) utilizing it,  staff that smiles and quite a peaceful view of the park like the picture below.

The best part:  we are nicely surrounded by green grass, trees, a large pond, pigeons flying about, and a water fountain.

Open 8 am – 8 pm.

The park is opened from 5am – 9pm.

We enjoyed the Banana-Black Sesame smoothie for 50b = $1.67. There is also a food menu and they have rice and noodles dishes from 45b to 65b per dish. Haven’t had any food here but I’ve seen a few customers came in for lunch and left.  Mwwaaahaaahaaa more wifi juice for us!   And now we are thinking about the cheese cakes for about 70b or $2.33.

So there you have it.  Another cafe with air con!

I’ll keep an eye out on all the places I’ve written as long as I live here to give proper updates- as in – it’s still in business!  Hate for you to show up and have it turned into a bike shop!  🙂

And burrrrr it’s cold under this air conditioner.

Here are other cafes in Chiang Mai with air conditioning:

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Until the next post- Cheers from Chiang Mai, Thailand.


2 thoughts on “Cafe Escape: Buak Haad Park

  1. I wish we had more parks in CM!!!! I wish CM was more green! In the meantime, we’ll have to escape the heat via A/C 😛

    Haven’t gone to this ‘newish’ addition in the park yet, good to know it’s a nice place to stop in. Thanks!

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