Cafe Escapes: The Hunt

We’ve been hunting for new cafes with air-con in the past couple of weeks.   Frankly, it’s an absolute fun activity for me to visit and try out many different cafes.  It’s an adventure exploring and discovering new cafes each day. I much prefer not to go back to the same cafe over and over unless it is Akha Ama! In that case, I keep going back because of some friends there and well, I will only drink their coffee.

Besides, going to cafe on a lonely planet’s list or any other popular lists sometimes means crowd, slower internet and more expensive.

Today we’re at Coffee Bee which is right across from Airport Plaza next to the Chiang Mai golf driving range.  We’ve lived in Chiang Mai for nearly 2 years and guess how many times we’ve passed this cafe? Too many!  Just had to put that to an end! 🙂  What I usually see are iPads lining up along the glass wall as we drive by on our motorbike.

And for the record, we’re not hunting for the best coffee in town. We’ve already settled that- it’s Akha Ama Coffee.  We’re only looking for quaint places with air con where we can hangout and we found some this week.

Coffee Bee – we’re here now and I can see us returning in the future. This little cozy and bright place is filled with white antique-ish furniture with velvet cushions, decorations of lace and grace,  relaxing music playing to cover the traffic noise in this area with occasional sounds of tuk-tuk’s reminding me that I’m still in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

There are four iPads available for your use and a large-screened apple computer. All complementary of Coffee Bee including the fast wifi.   Nice concept, eh?  I like it!  10b an hour to recharge for electronic devices.  That’s not bad compared to Doi Chaang – they charge 30b per hour.

We ordered an ice green tea and a strawberry yogurt smoothie. We’re set for the next couple of hours until it’s time for us to pick up our girl from school. They have a limited selection for your sweet tooth like brownies and blueberry cheesecake. There’s smoothies, juices, teas and coffee with prices ranging from 40b to 65b. Their hours are from 8 am – 8 pm.

That’s my hubby reading a book on Kindle and chilling at the cafe. Oh and we did have peace for a few hours until a very spoiled child started storming this place and Mom let her continue for about 20 minutes.  Thank goodness for our ears, she did the screaming outside. Hopefully, this does not happen often.

We came back in the afternoon with our daughter and she did her homework at the cafe. M had a chance to play on the iPad as well.  She was happy.  Most people know to come and grab the iPad, use, place it back on the charging dock when they are finished!

We came by here before yesterday, but it was quite full in the afternoon so we left and decided to come back.  Instead of Coffee B we drifted off to another little place in the same parking lot at the other end next to the DHL office.

Jaokun Coffee –  this is another quaint little place hidden in the corner.  I didn’t know it was there until we went to DHL office to drop off a package the other day.  I made a note to return there and glad we did.

Similar price range as coffee bee.  They have coffee, juices and smoothies but no iPads and no sweets.  There is wifi and it worked and worked fast.  We ordered the Iced green tea for 50b and I had a small tub of yogurt bringing our total to 63b.

We were the only two there – lots of quiet time to chat and get some work done. I like the outdoor area of this particular place because there’s a lush and cozy green garden. Their hours are from 8 am – 8 pm.

It is located in the same parking lot as DHL and Budget car rental across from Airport plaza.  Very easy to spot if you are looking for it otherwise, easily missed.

Janhom Restaurant – for lunch, we walked over to the newly discovered Thai restaurant that overlooks the golf driving range.  I read that this restaurant serves some southern style Thai food, which means spicy!

We discovered a large menu filled with many choices including seafood dishes.  Not your typical 30b -40b street stall dish kind of place though. Their menu rage from 70b – 190b for dishes, which is still not bad at all compared to Western prices. Seems it is an older restaurant that has been here for a while.  The age of the place is noticeable based on the look of the air con, the stained walls and the torn up floors.  Still it is air-conditioned, has wifi, a wine bar, tables are either covered with table cloths and place mats.

Except the napkins, well  the tissues.  They were literally fold-up toilet paper in a fancy glass ware like this one! 🙂

We had decent dishes.  We were not all that hungry so we both got something very light.  I ordered the stir fried seafood with Thai herbs. This dish, as you can see from all the chili peppers, definitely had a KICK and fragrant flavors from the herbs.

My husband had something simple as well since we both wanted something light. He liked the kale and crispy pork on steamed rice.

Below is the golf driving rage in front of the restaurant.  They charge 3 carts for 100b and I think there are about 40 used balls in each cart. That’s 120 golf balls for 100b = $3.33!

Oh and remember I said it over looks the Chiang Mai driving range? Here’s the view from our table!

Just in that one area across from the airport plaza there’s a golf range which has its own wifi, a restaurant with decent food which has its own wifi also and two coffee shops within walking distance both with wifi, air con and one with iPads.

Well there you have it.  I found a few more cool-off zones for you in Chiang Mai.

Here are a list of other cool-off zones we found.

Cafe Hunting: Macadamia Nut Brownie

Cafe Hunting: A Massage and a Cheesecake

Cafe Hunting: The Crepe Cake

Cafe Hunting:  Yes, at the Park

Cafe Hunting: 100% Chocolate (coming soon)

Enjoy them all.  Come back and tell me what you think about them.

Be well and cheers from Chiang Mai, Thailand.



3 thoughts on “Cafe Escapes: The Hunt

  1. Wow, more cafes I need to visit! I never go to the area between the moat and the airport so I will need to keep this in mind for the next trip 🙂

    1. Hi James,

      Yes, so many areas in Chiang Mai that we are still exploring to find the next cafe with air conditioning! Each day we wake up asking each other, “where should we go today.. which cafe?” We’re having fun!

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