Pizza Bagel Recipe

When we are feeling lazy and out of energy we do simple recipes.  This is one of them and my daughter especially loves this one.  She enjoys helping us make these and devour them afterward!  🙂

Moms, you can have your child participate in the making of the pizza bagels.  How fun is that?


Bagels cut in halves (we used wheat onion bagels)

Slices of cheese

Butter (optional)

Cherry tomatoes cut in halves or ovendried tomatoes (from Costco)

Sliced onion strips

Fresh basil leaves if you have any

Garlic powder or sliced fresh garlic

Spread the butter on the sliced bagel.  We didn’t add butter but I think it will be tasty! Or Olive Oil

Place the basil leaves, cheese, onions, tomato slices and garlic on the bagel. Throw them in the toaster oven for a few minutes to make sure the cheese melts.  I think it is a good idea to place the cheese on top of the veggies!

EDIT: 2nd October 2015 (Now living in a tiny town on the South East Coast of Taiwan. Population 9000)

We recently learned that tomatoes are quite difficult to grow in Taiwan due to the climate here. Therefore, imagine the use of pesticides and herbicides to keep them alive and keep tomatoes looking pretty. We decided against eating fresh tomatoes unless we plant them ourselves or know the grower who does so without chemicals. So instead of fresh tomatoes, we use ovendried tomatoes we buy in a jar from Costco which is in big town about 4 hours away from where we live.

On another bright side, we have fresh basil leaves from a friend’s yard which we use on our  bagel pizzas.  (Apologies in advance. These photos are not as great as I’d like as they are taken on my phone).

bagel pizza 3
Before baking in our tiny oven. You could drizzle some olive oil if you like instead of butter. Add Italian seasonings if that is a preference. I like to add fresh herbs when I have them. I now have rosemerry and sweet basil in the pots. Waiting for them to grow a little bigger so I can start consuming them in my food. Yaay.


bagel pizza 2

bagel pizza 1
With Semi- meshed fresh ripened avocado from the front yard of our house

Esentially, you can add anything  you damn well please on this bagel. It is yours for the making. It was quite delicious for us. We made them with what we had in our fridge and kitchen.. We just made some not too long ago here in our new home in Taiwan.

There you have it.  Easiest pizza ever!

Experiment and enjoy!



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