Simple Sautéed Shrimp and Onion Recipe


I like simple dishes with great flavors. Sometimes having a kid, simple is better and quicker.

We cook a lot of vegetarian food at home.  However, while we were at Maung Mai the other day, we decided to get some fresh shrimp.  Nice medium-sized, half-kilo shrimp for only 110 baht or $3.66.

Brought the shrimp home and cooked it the same day.  Can’t get any fresher than that. I removed the head and the shell, then marinated it in a pinch of salt and turmeric. You could always get de-shelled shrimp for this to make prep time even shorter.

Moms, this is the easiest recipe ever! 🙂

I cut up a couple of onions, garlic as well as ginger into rings.

Place a frying pan on medium heat and add oil. (1 Tablespoon)  Don’t let the oil burn.  Drop in the sliced garlic and ginger to brown.

Add the onion rings.  About the onions– there are two options here for the onions.  You can add them with garlic and ginger or you can add them after the shrimp is almost cooked.  If you add after, the onions will not melt or be as soft as much. Or you can add before and after.  For mine, I added before the shrimp.

Cook until the shrimp turns pinkish.  Add a sprinkle of salt or fish sauce to taste.

Then sprinkle masala towards the end before you take it off the stove. Masala (which is a spice used in Burmese cooking) and NO, you cannot find it just anywhere.  If you don’t have this, it’s OK.  You can still make the dish without it and will still taste delicious.

Here’s how it turned out!

©  2013  Chili~Lime~Garlic™.Com

Along with this dish, something like dikon soup with tamarind or roselle soup would go very well.  We had the roselle leaves soup with bamboo. Or slices of green tangy mango on the side brings additional crunchy texture and tangy flavor to this simple meal. For me, of course, I’ll have something spicy to accompany my meal. The shrimp was tender and sweet adding deliciousness to the sour and savory roselle soup along with stir fried veggies and my shripmpaste-chili sidekick. Just another perfect Burmese meal.

Hope you enjoy making it.

Until the next dish,  experiment!




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