Chiang Mai Aquarium

We visited the Aquarium yesterday. M has a holiday on Monday and despite our itch to go somewhere out-of-town, we decided to stay in Chiang Mai.  Traveling out-of-town means extra expenses for us. With our plan to return to the US this summer we will inevitably increase our spending- eeeek- in dollars.  Therefore, we have to be careful with our spending NOW.

We still wanted to do something fun with M and since she’s keen on going there and so, we went.  We skipped the zoo though. Didn’t want to do that again.

Luckily for us, since we have lived here for 2 years, at the ticket counter, J showed his Thai driver’s license to the young lady when she asked how long we’ve lived there and if we have any proof of documentation.

We did get local prices which were 290 for adults and 190 for child total of 770b or $25.66; NOT 1430b or $47.66. We saved $22. Yaaay!

It was a nice get away from a hot afternoon.  M was entertained, we learned about some of the sea creatures we’ve not  heard of or seen, we were in an air-conditioned building and most importantly, we were spending time together –  not connected to any devices.

Anyone care to guess what these are?




M’s Favorite Part?  The tunnel!  For more photos from this excursion, please visit here.






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