Cafe Escape Number Four: The Ice Cream Festival

Although we’ve had rain here in Chiang Mai, the humidity still makes the city seems like an outdoor, oh-naturrel-sauna. Today was no exception.  It was humid.

After we picked up M, my daughter, from school we decided to surprise her and took her to the mall close to our house.  We took her to Airport Plaza which is basically a mall. Originally, we were going to pay rent at our landlord’s bank, get a snack for M, go to the fourth floor to look at a phone for me,  and walk around to cool off.

For snack we got some bread here.

We bought a new pair of shoes for M, since her shoes are almost one year of age and well, she’s rough on her shoes so they are falling apart. She’s also grown.  Yes, she can be expensive! 🙂

We kept walking around as we normally would at Airport Plaza towards the large cafeteria type area full of vendors serving a plethora of Thai food.  And what did we find by surprise?  An Ice Cream Festival!

YUP!  Awesome, we thought to ourselves. Then we decided to get a quick bite for dinner and walked around some more so we can make room for the ice cream.  🙂

We walked around and looked at a couple of phones and visited an Apple store so that M can play around with their computers. (Obviously, ours at home are not THAT big!)

Then it was time for us to make our way back to the ice cream.  M as super excited.  And here’s what we found!

Rainbow of Moichi Ice Cream Flavors
Mmm.. Look at all that sweet, colorful yumminess!
So many flavors. This display reminds me or Gelato in Italy from our trip in 2006. This however, is much cheaper here in Thailand.
Cinnamon butter honey glazed toast: get a scoop of your favorite ice cream, and you're set!
Ultimate ice cream stand where they make the ice cream right in front of you. Can you tell it is Oreo and Apple!
Artsy way of making ice cream eh?
They were the busiest one there
Fresh Cones? No problem! They are made right in front of you!
Cakes. Cakes. Cakes.


We spent the entire evening in the mall walking, talking, looking, enjoying each other’s company and eating.  We found there were many other families, couples, individuals, students of all ages enjoying the mall also.

Children simply just stare at this giant fish tank, while parents sit and enjoy some ice cream
People watching
Sitting area in front of the stage and the giant fish tank

At some point while we were enjoying our smoothie and a moichi ice cream, out of the blue M said to us “That giant fish in the tank looks like this”

What do you think?

For those of you in Chiang Mai, go enjoy the Ice Cream Festival.  It’s there for the next few days.  It started on the 1st and will be there until 8th of May.

Until the next cool-off zone, stay cool.

Cheers from Chiang Mai!



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