Cafe Escape Number Three: The Crepe Cake

This particular cafe, we go to often not just because they have air con, but because I love their crepe cakes. So one day last week when we were trying to figure out where to go, we decided to take refuge at Cafe de Thaan Aoan.  The cafe also has wifi and that was a plus, of course. It’s inside the old city and we’ve gone there many times – hee hee- for what else? the crepe cakes!

Last year, after we have brunch at a little place near Chiang Mai gate for Kaw Ku Kapeat or the Taiwanese vegetarian place, we usually go to this cafe for the crepe cake.   It was a routine we created for ourselves once or twice a month.

I’ve never had a crepe cake until I came to Thailand. And from the look of it, it is not easy to make.  It looks very time consuming.  But sure is tasty.

Cafe de Thaan Aoan serves many Thai and Western dishes and desserts as well.  We’ve only had egg rolls, juices, smoothies and desserts so we’re not familiar with the other dishes.  But trust me the crepe cake is really rich and sinfully delicious!  🙂


Look at all the layers of goodness laced with strawberry syrup.  Okay, I do realize this is not the most healthy item to consume.  However, every once in a while is okay!  Right?

I think you should try this irresistible looking goodness also sometimes when you’re in Chiang Mai.

I suppose I should also tell you about the chocolate version.  Stay tuned!

Until next time.  Stay cool!  Cheers!


3 thoughts on “Cafe Escape Number Three: The Crepe Cake

  1. Wow! What’s inbetween each crepe layer, besides awesome, I mean? Can you send me one? Kthxbai

    1. Yes, creamy, rich awesomeness between those layers. It’s sooo good. I think you’d love it Wendy!! I’ll eat one for you since I can’t send you one. Oh and by the way, cann you seee if you can find anything similar in Houston before I get there? K, thanks. see ya! 🙂 I miss you gals.

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