Cafe Escape Number Two: A Massage and a Cheesecake

Remember yesterday I said I won’t cook dinner until it rained.  And today, yes, it’s raining at 5pm.  Oh sure, no problem!  You’re welcome, the good people of Chiang Mai. I say I’m not cooking until it rains once in the morning and once at night.   Maybe it will start tomorrow.

Until it rained, it was up to 37C/100F today.  We left the house and went for a Thai Massage with Herbal Hot Compress today.  It costs a bit more than going to a cafe, but hey, my Mum is leaving to return to Burma and she wanted to have another massage before she leaves. It was a nice treat.  Relaxing and in an air-conditioned building.  We finished around 2:30 in the afternoon and oy, it was HOT.

We picked-up my daughter from school and headed straight to the Hideaway Cafe also known as DeCheeso to cool off.  We shop at Decheeso often to get our milk, yogurt,  bread and sometimes, cheese.  We’ve had dinner there once. It is walking distance from our house. For today, it was a good choice.  They have wifi, nice surroundings, and most importantly, air con.  Air con it was!  I was cold after being there 20 minutes, I had to get my jacket out of the car.

They have a full western menu from breakfast to appetizers to desserts (or pudding as our British friends might say) to full course lunch and dinner menu. For us at 2:30 in the afternoon, we were looking for snacks.  My 9 yo was happy about that.  After all, when she’s nearby any restaurants or eatery facilities, she’s sure to be hungry.

We devoured a cherry cheesecake crumble (70b),  a scone (23b), bagel with cream cheese (40b) and a bottle of milk (45b).  My daughter had a glass of milk and brought the rest of the bottle home as we needed more at home anyway.  Our bill for the escape? 178b $5.93.

NOTE: If you buy the bagels to go (as in not eat there with cream cheese) they are only 18b and the scones are the same price also.

M, my daughter, did her homework while I read my articles on the kindle and J, my husband, worked on a job application.  Yes, he’s looking for work as a distance learning psychology professor if anyone knows of such a job out there. And I teach conversational Burmese on-line if anyone out there feels the need to take on such challenge.  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SEE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> to the side and UP!   🙂

When we left the Hideaway, we started to feel rain drops on our heads.  As I write this post, Chiang Mai has been enjoying rain for the past 25 minutes with gusts of wind making my wind chime go off with craziness.  I’m smiling because it’s finally doing its job.  I’ve not heard that wind chime work that hard since I brought it back from Burma in February. Oh and thank goodness we have rain.

The Hideaway is located in a sort of a hidden location off of Hang Dong near the Airport Plaza.  They are opened for both lunch and dinner. I don’t remember the hours but the next time I am there, I’ll be sure to check and update it here. Can always call the number on their site as inquire as well. 🙂

The Hideaway’s owner also owns The Art Cafe at Thapae Gate.   We’ve only gone to the Art Cafe once at Thanksgiving during 2010.  It was quite nice and always seems to be occupied with customers as most eateries are at Thapae Gate where there are plenty of tourists.  Both locations are pricey compared to other eateries.

So those were our locations of escape for today.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.  Tomorrow is Friday and M has been invited to a birthday party.  And there’s a pool and a bunch of 9yo kids.  Hmmm.

Until tomorrow, stay cool!





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